Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Aug. 23rd: Dennis vs The Earthquake

Dennis: "Oh the humanity! This is a tragedy beyond all comprehension!"

Dennis: "My giant cajun spice shaker fell over thanks to that earthquake from earlier today! This is gonna take me about 5 minutes to prop back up."

Dennis: "Hey guys, any of you get any earthquake damage?"

Kirby: "Oh, god, Dennis, it's terrible!"

Kirby: "The Great Shoe Monument fell over! This just may be the most horrible thing I've ever witnessed, and I once saw Dick Cheney naked. Everyone around here is in mourning, and it might take weeks for the town to rebuild it. I'll stay with this story all night if I have to."

Kirby: "Back to you, Dennis."

Dennis: "...Okay. Anyone else?"

Merv: "Yo Dennis, I gotta problem!"

Merv: "My bottle caps are, ya know, everywhere. Damn earthquake knocked em all outta place."

Dennis: Sounds serious, Merv. I hope you get them all back in place."

Phil: "Umm...Dennis? The earthquake got to me, too."

Dennis: "(sighs) What is it now, Phil?"

Phil: "You know that really tall beer mug that you were trapped in? That you escaped from somehow? Then I got trapped in it? Which I'm pretty sure wasn't an accident?"

Phil: "Well, that earthquake knocked over the mug and I'm free!"

Dennis: "Yip. Pee. Allright, gang, get over here. Time to start the cleanup, I guess."


Dennis: "Well, it took about five hours, but everything's back to normal again!"

Merv: "But, hey, where did that earthquake come from? This part of the country never gets em!"

Starscream: "I told you your Earthquake Machine would fail, Megatron!"

Megatron: "Shut up, Starscream."


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