Friday, March 31, 2017

I'm 30 now.

Last week I turned 30 years old.

As you can see, I'm officially an old timer. My joints are beginning to ache, stuff I like isn't as interesting anymore, and none of my pop culture references help me relate to the young people.

Seriously, I met college kids born after the Special Editions were in theaters and thus don't know the correct Star Wars viewing order. (For the record, its IV, V, I, III, VI, VII, Rogue One. Don't watch II.) At least I feel better knowing the current generation only knows Jar Jar as "that guy with the ears" and didn't live through the terror that was the Macarena.

Seriously, THAT monstrosity officially turned 20 and I really don't know what to think anymore. But leet me get to a different topic before I get sad again.

Last weekend, I went to Atlantic City for the first time in years. Only for a day, but really, that's all the time you really need for that place. The city isn't as big of a draw as it once was. Its once steady demographic of old people have either died off or now travel to other casinos that opened around the Tri-State area. Several casinos have since closed (Showboat being my favorite. RIP), and the ones that are left are really lacking if they're not Caesar's, Borgata or Harrah's. I stayed at Harrah's.

And my god, I actually won something this time around. This doesn't look like much, but I got to around $160 after being on my last $6.50 after triggering a bonus game and hitting a few 7s. I don't normally bet max, let alone play slot machines that often, but I figured what the hell, I was ready to spend some money today. I still kind of feel bad about quitting gambling for the night after hitting this, but coming back with $100 more than I left home with is not something that happens frequently with me.

It was this machine, specifically. It was right next to a set of Flintstones slot machines and as I was thinking about feeling old. it was kind of comforting knowing that the original demographic that would've seen that cartoon first run would be in their fifties at the minimum. I can only imagine a Simpsons slot machine coming eventually, they already put their faces on just about everything else by now. So, the same folks that would've come to Atlantic City anyway.

I caught this van covered in bikes on the drive down. According to the sign on the side, it's owned by someone called The Bike Man. It's possible that it's owned by this guy or this guy, but a google search more or less came up empty.

And this was on the "Do not disturb" sign in my hotel room at Harrah's. It definitely knew where my priorities were.

And I need to show you what I actually got for my birthday. These days, I mostly get money. But my friend Steve got me the 8-Bit Link amiibo I've been looking for! I've been passing it up for the past few months, knowing that most amiibo aren't that sought after these days and this Link amiibo had been sitting on the shelf and even going for dirt cheap at times. I figured I could take my time with buying it.

And then Breath of The Wild came out and suddenly every Legend of Zelda amiibo became impossible to find because they were all usable in the game. And any older ones that were left skyrockted in price practically overnight, so imagine my surprise when I found this one in the little gift bag.

And it's only fair that I show you what I bought Steve for his birthday. His is a few weeks after mine, but we don't see each other in person that often.

Yes, that is an authentic animation cel from the classic Super Mario World episode Mama Luigi. My eBay impulse hit again a few months back, and it was only like 25 bucks, I couldn't turn down a chance to give my best friend a piece of internet meme history. Could you believe that this was actually my second pick for a cel? The first cel I wanted had Luigi's eyes open, but someone bought it before I could.

You can watch it here:

I told him beforehand that I had the best gift that I've ever given him, and I've gotten him some amazing stuff over the years. Needless to say, I think I delivered.

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