Monday, August 22, 2011

Aug. 22nd: A Hot Dog Review

Food. The great unifier. Can't imagine anyone who doesn't like food...Okay, I'm beginning to repeat myself. Let's go see where I've been eating, now shall we?

Earlier today, my friend Danny, ever seeking a new opportunity to stop being bored, suggested that we trek all the way out to Medford (which is a half hour drive from where we live, by the way) to check out this random hot dog stand he found on Facebook.

The term "Roadside Shack" doesn't describe too many buildings on Long Island. And in this case, it isn't a bad thing.

This is First National Franks, and its picture was shamelessly stolen from its Facebook Page because I neglected to snap a shot myself.

I never got the appeal of Chicago Dogs. Too much crap on the hot dog, because sometimes I just wanna taste the dog!

Here's a menu of the special dogs that they had. Don't be TOO intimidated by the prices, those are just for the Jumbo dogs. They have regular ones, too, and they're about a dollar or so cheaper. Due to limited board space, they have full menus on hand if you want to take your sweet ass time before deciding on "the regular." For the more adventurous types, they also have roast pork sandwiches, cheese steaks, and deep fried twinkies & snickers bars.

But I just went with two regular-sized dogs today. Because Monday seems like a regular day, you know?


To the left is the "El Raphael," and the "Bronx Bomber" is to the right. Danny got a Jumbo Bronx Bomber and I must say, the thing was twice size of one of these dogs. If I wasn't so poor I would've done that with both of them.

Let's start with the one I started with, the "El Raphael." You can plainly see chili, onions, and jalapenos smothering the thing, but I didn't get to the good part: It's deep fried and wrapped in bacon. Hell to the yes. To take a page from the great Ron Swanson: My number one favorite food wrapped around my number six favorite food. It tasted amazing, the homemade chili wasn't dry at all and didn't mask the taste of the dog at all. This is something that I regret jumbo-sizing, I loved it that much.

Now on to the "Bronx Bomber," named after my beloved Yankees. It's covered in chili, grilled onions and mustard, and the dog itself is covered in cheese. Maybe it's due to the lack of bacon and the addition of mustard, but I thought the "El Raphael" was better. But this was by no means a bad dog. No, this was still a great, it tasted good, and the chili was still delicious and complimented the other flavors rather well. I'm just not a big fan of mustard. Sorry, but it's true.

All in all, it was a good dinner. If you're looking for a place that won't murder the wallet and if you're in the Medford/Patchogue area, I highly suggest you check the place out.

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Rev. Back It On Up 13 said...

Hey, you said SLEEP was the great unifier. How many are there?

Good choice on eating the hot dog named for my home town. I've lived here all my life and never eaten a hot dog like that. What a waste my life has been.