Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Champagne Birthday!

Greetings my fellow blog readers, today happens to be my 23rd Birthday!

This is what's known as a "Champagne Birthday," where your age is the same as the day you were born. It's the traditional day where you drink Champagne that isn't a Wedding or New Years'. It was a rather okay day, as I had to work during the day DESPITE REQUESTING OFF FOR IT! Sorry, it's still a sore spot for me.

What did I do for this birthday? Today, like I said, work. But I went back to Atlantic City over the weekend. There's just something charming about legalized gambling in a slum in the Jersey Shore, but I can't quite put my finger on an exact phrase, especially one where I'd have to disinfect said finger after touching it. That's my general feel of the whole place: like EVERYTHING there may be riddled with Germs that carry the Ebola Virus, except the bathrooms. Ironically, the ones seen in the casinos are some of the cleanest and nicest that I've ever been in. Hell, the bathroom in Bally's Wild West was so nice I honestly felt bad about myself for having to take a dump there.

Of course, I didn't win any money. I am, however, only down $35. Not too shabby if I must say so. The first $20 was eaten by a slot machine in 5 minutes, typical. The next $20 I stuck in some video poker machines, but it lasted me the rest of the night that I gambled. While I never came out ahead, it satisfied the cheapskate in me that I inherited from my dad. I've inherited that combination of frugality and obsessive-compulsiveness that seems to work wonders in casinos. I can deal out the cash, but I can actually LEAVE when I feel that I've spent enough.

I also picked up this:

Yep, less than a year after I picked up Platinum, I picked up SoulSilver, the remake of the old Silver game! Before Diamond/Pearl/Platinum came out, this was by far my favorite Pokemon game. You got all 151 original Pokemon, then you got 100 new ones and a new region. Then after you beat do the original region all over again!

Who I chose? Cyndaquil, because it was that Generation's Bulbasaur. It's the Starter who will have the easiest time with the gyms. Out of the 8 gyms, 3 of them (Bugzy, Jasmine, Pryce) are weak to fire, with the other 5 with types that aren't really resistant to it (Flying, Normal, Ghost, Fighting, Dragon). Only disadvantage? No good water types for much of the game, if you're not patient enough to train a goddamn Magikarp to evolve into Gyarados.

Here's my current team:

-Quilava lv24
-Togetic lv25
-Flaaffy lv23
-Geodude Lv22
-Hoothoot lv19

The sixth spot rotates between Machop and Bellsprout until I get a good water type. My current position in the game: Currently in Ecruteak City, training my Togetic to take on Morty, the Ghost Gym Leader. Togetic's actually USEFUL in this game, as it knows Extrasensory (physic-type move) as soon as it hatches.

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Other than all that, nothing much to report. What does the 23rd year of my life hold in store for me? I'll just have to wait and see!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cheer Up!

Hey, sorry for the no posting, but I haven't been feeling too well, physically and emotionally. But this video cheers me up immensely: