Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Aug. 24th: Dennis vs Vinylmation

Dennis: "Wow, where did this thing come from?"

Merv: "Oh, this. I bought it offa eBay. I hope that Galileo guy doesn't mind I used his credit card."

Dennis: "Well, let's just crack it open before that guy comes back."

Dennis: "Hey, I remember reading about this! It's one of those Vinylmation things!"

Merv: "Yeah, it's one of those ones that you can only buy at the Disney Parks. And the last time I checked, we're nowhere near Disneyland. Or Florida Disneyland."

Merv: "See, look at the guys you can get. There's the whale from Pinocchio, a Monorail guy, even a troll."

Dennis: "And it looks like there's a mystery one, too."

Merv: "Yeah, it's supposed to be Lincoln. And if I get him, BAM! Fifty bucks, here I come!"

Dennis: "Only fifty?"

Merv: "Yeah, he's one of the newer guys and he's flooding eBay. But whaddare we waitin for? Let's open it up and feast on the goods!"

Starscream: "I'll be taking this, puny Earth creatures! In the name of the Decepticons, this treasure shall be all mine!"

Dennis: "You fiend! If we had arms, we'd give you such a beating!"

Starscream: "Pfft, fat chance, losers. Now to transform into a jet and fly outta here!"

Starscream: "So long, suckers! Ah ha ha ha ha!"

Merv: "What the hell just happened?"

Dennis: "Was that Starscream?"

???: "Holy crap on a Cybertronian shit, I'm too late!"

Merv: "The hell? Did that truck just talk?"

???: "Oh, hold on. TRANSFORM!"

Optimus: "There we go."

Dennis: "Hey, you're Optimus Prime!"

Merv: "Oh yeah, I remember you!"

Optimus: "Merv, Leadfoot!"

Dennis: "It's Dennis."

Optimus: "Warpath! So good to see you two again!"

Dennis: "So what brings you here?"

Optimus: "I'm afraid the Decepticons have finally made their move. After their Earthquake Machine incident from yesterday, and with this theft of your MacGuffin Cube..."

Optimus: "...We may all be in grave danger."


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