Monday, February 28, 2011

Beaming For Bunnies Turns 3!

This past Sunday, an important milestone hit the Internet.

No, not that. The blog turned three years old!!

With the third entry in nearly as many months, I couldn't let this little milestone pass us by! Why haven't I written anything that isn't from In 10 Words? To be perfectly honest, I have no excuse for January. February, on the other hand, is when life actually interfered with online time. Thus, no time for entries dealing how Angry Birds took down a dictator in Egypt over King Tut's Missing Penis or what have you.

But let's get back on topic.

Here's the first entry! (I just re-read it. I still think it's quite good for an introduction.)
Here's the First Birthday! (After reading THAT entry again...I have really grown as a person in the last two years. And I like that.)
and The Second Birthday! (Completely phoned in!)

And for good note: Here's a list of essential entries! And its sequel!

I'll see you in March, everyone! Time to show you some Three-related pictures!

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day!

Much like my favorite nostalgia site X-Entertainment, I've been slacking off on any substantial updates. But much like X-E, today is a day for love! Not love for someone in particular, but a love for writing and proving that I'm not dead and/or migrating to Twitter.

Yes, today is Valentine's Day once again, probably my least favorite day of the year. People buying each other expensive heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, crowding all my favorite eateries, and just generally enjoying the company of another person.

How I despise that, and working in a pharmacy-type establishment for the past four years has not helped at all. Hundreds of people rushing in to buy pieces of cardboard with empty gestures written inside them that are simply going to end up in the trash within 48 hours. And then the process repeats next year, or until the next major holiday. Don't you just love consumerism?

On the flip side, some folks like to call this day "Singles Awareness Day," for all the people without a lover who don't leave their curtains closed next door. But I don't like that, either. I'm perfectly aware that I'm single, and I don't need yet another reminder of it, thank you very much.

But don't let my bitterness get in your way of your loving. A new entry with actual substance is in the process of being written, and I'll give you a hint to what it's about!