Saturday, February 28, 2015

7 and Spock

Hey, guess what? Beaming For Bunnies is officially seven years old!

Yes, on February 27th, 2008 I started up this little corner of the Internet to combat my crippling depression following a recent breakup, and it's grown so much since then. The energy died down a few years back, but dammit I'm stubborn and I refuse to shut this place down!

So it's been quite a weird month, so much has happened in 28 days.

For one, this shark from the Super Bowl halftime show became a worldwide phenomenon.

As did a color-changing dress.

For the record, it was blue & black. Dumbasses.

After playing Pokémon games for 17 years I finally won the freaking lottery.

And now to never care about it again.

That dumb movie version of 50 Shades of Grey came out and was quickly forgotten, save for the thousands of memes it spawned.

Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel won big at the Oscars, proving whimsy has a place at fancy award shows (but sadly not movies about LEGO).

Seriously, so much whimsy is packed into each frame.

My Amiibo collection grew by quite a bit. Wave 3 finally came out and my God did preordering save a ton of frustration. I've got all 4 store exclusives (dubbed "The Four Horsemen" by how sought after they are). 

Below are Lucario (TRU), Rosalina (Target) and Shulk (GameStop):

And then came Meta-Knight (Best Buy):

Wave 4 is officially the Mario Party line, which I'm really not interested in save for Toad (who is already preordered).

I'm waiting for the Waluigi Amiibo, too. Soon...

And just when I thought I was in the clear, they announce this one:

Gold Mario, only exclusive to Wal-Mart. Son of a BITCH.
SNL celebrated its 40th anniversary nine months early (it premiered in October 1975). It was three and a half hours long but only about half of it was worth watching. Just like a regular episode!

Bill Murray giving his all as Nick The Lounge Singer
And finally, not only did we lose famed voice actor Gary Owens (best known for Laugh-In, Space Ghost and Powdered Toast Man):

Wonderful writer and comedian Harris Wittels (who coined the word Humblebrag):

One of my favorite shows from the past ten years Parks & Recreation:

LITERALLY the saddest & most satisfying ending ever.

But also Leonard Nimoy, Mr, Spock himself. He's had many roles in his long and prosperous career, but I'll always remember him from his appearances on the Simpsons.

"My work here is done."
"But you didn't do anything!"
"Didn't I?"

I don't need to tell you guys how awesome "Marge vs The Monorail" and "The Springfield Files" are, but I urge you to check them out again for old times sake. 

I'm going to go curl up into a ball and think about the good times, singing this song along with Mr. Nimoy. It's only fitting that we honor his memory in such a way.