Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Aug. 16th: Soundtracks For Summer: Lime In The Coconut

Part 24 in my ongoing "Soundtracks For Summer" series.

Hey, let's keep the "songs that remind you of summer" entries going with another fan request!

Today we have a song that's really called "Coconut," and it's really by Harry Nilsson via the year 1971. I put a different title above because it'll probably get me Google hits.

Now THIS is a pure summer song. I feel like laying in a hammock, as lazy folks like me are prone to do. And in that hammock, I'm drinking some sorta fruity alcoholic concoction all shoved up within a coconut. Which is totally weird, since I can't stand the taste of coconut.

I know, I know, you wonder how someone can hate coconut while loving all things summer. People like me should probably be chained to a palm tree to spend the rest of their days listening to Jimmy Buffet, I know, I know, I read the letters. It's possible to do both, I assure you!

Some people just plain hate coconut. It's just a fact of life, which I suggest that you get used to. To tide you over until then, here's a Muppet version of the song:

I assume THIS version is from The Muppet Show, but I'm really not so sure. But it's silly in that great Muppet way, a great adaptation to a wacky, summer-infusing song.

BTW, I'm also taking reader submissions for future "Soundtracks For Summer" entries. If you've got an idea, pop me an email at beamingforbunnies@gmail.com OR comment on this entry OR at the Facebook Fan Page with the name of the song, and a reason or two why it defines "Summer" for you. You'll be glad you did.

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