Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween and NYCC!

Happy Halloween folks! Usually I post some kind of obligatory entry for Halloween but once again time escaped my claws yet again. But a few weeks back I attended New York Comic Con and got lots of pictures of awesome cosplayers!

I know I should've written a post on that as soon as I got back, but I ended up catching the Con Flu and was out of commission for a week. And then I got obsessed over the new Pokemon game. Add in my work schedule and Halloween is now upon us.

I swear I'll post about my full experience soon (in short: So much stuff I saw and did, but so little time), but for now let's look at my favorite costumes that I saw!

Out of all the Pokemon you coulda cosplayed as, you chose Buizel. There were SEVERAL Pokemon cosplayers this year, and i found these good ones (among others)

Vaporeon as a sexy woman!

And here's a kickass Jolteon! It seems Eeveelutions were popular this year since I also saw Espeon, Umbreon and Sylveon.

Here's the best Ash I saw. He's burnt to a crisp and he had a Charizard plush poking out if his backpack. Totally cool.


Oh, there were lots and lots and LOTS of Adventure Time cosplayers this year, it was definitely the most well-represented franchise. Fionna (the gender-bent version of Finn The Human) was definitely the most popular costume this year, followed by mainstays Batman, Wonder Woman, and Deadpool.
In order to truly stand out, people had to combine costumes, like Bane Finn here. Variations of Princess Bubblegum were probably more common than the regular version, as observed by Scientist Bubblegum.

Sailor Moon Princess Bubblegum

Here's the gender-bent version of Princess Bubblegum, Prince Gumball. Who is being cosplayed by a girl. Sometimes you gotta go meta, I guess.

Speaking of mashups, Sailor Deadpool because why the fuck not?

Need a costume? Why not Zoidberg?

These were the folks at the awesome Mideval Times booth. Spin the wheel and get a prize! They were mostly giving out crowns, but I already had two of them thanks to previous trips.

Oh yeah, variations of Iron Man were pretty popular, too. Got this slick Tony Stark while in line to see William Shatner (he wasn't cheap. More on that here).

Samurai Iron Man because, again, why the fuck not? The metal parts were metal, too. That couldn't have been light at all.

Obligatory Slenderman.

Saw these folks in line for the Archer Panel. From left to right we have Malory, Cheryl/Carol (with Babu in tow!), Gillette, and Pam.

Another set of Archer cosplayers, who were also at the panel. From left to right: Malory, Pam, Krieger's Hologram Anime Wife (one of two walking around!), Cyril, and Dr. Krieger. I didn't see any Archers or Lanas, but I think it's because they'd be pretty though to pick out in a crowd.

I call this pic "Virgins Among Virgins." All kidding aside, nice costumes, albeit creepy.

Mermaidman and (female) Barnacle Boy were pretty awesome. I heard that at one point during the weekend, someone told Mermaidman "There's evil afoot" and he proceeded to go NUTS. I would've paid good money to have seen that.

Bee & Puppycat! The cartoon is only a few months old, so it was great to see people dressed as her! Btw, Puppycat actually played the music from the cartoon when you squeezed it.

There were quite a number of Venture Bros cosplayers too, mostly 21 and 24. This Shore Leave was pretty great.

Cap'n Crunch is a character I never thought would be sexualized. But here we are.

Darkwing Duck and Nega Duck! Complete with Gas Gun! I've been seeing plenty of couples costumes this year.

Such as this pair of Legends of The Hidden Temple contestants.

And another! I also saw a pair of Silver Snakes

One of the Daft Punk guys! The other guy was walking around, too.

Here he is!

Seems legit.

Gotta mention all the Doctor Who cosplayers, too. Mostly 10 (David Tennant) 11 (Matt Smith) and girls in TARDIS dresses. Here's 5 (Peter Davison) and 9 (Christopher Eccleston) looking awesome. I saw plenty of 4 (Tom Baker), as well as an 8 (Paul McGann).

Pretty awesome Cyberman right here.

An entire Bob's Burgers family, minus Linda. You guys should really watch Bob's Burgers, it's slowly becoming the best show on the Fox Sunday lineup. I even went to the panel, and it was great fun. Again, will get to that later.

Another obligatory costume.

Hey Vegeta, how many times did people ask about your power level?

Yeah, I don't know why, either.

And now for my personal favorites and award winners!

Best Couple Costume was this amazing Work Loader & Xenomorph.

Pi Patel from Life of Pi definitely earns Most Random Cosplay.

The coveted winner of the "I laughed, then wanted to punch this guy in the face for making me laugh at that" award.

"Best Kid Costume" is for Little Boy Frozen in Carbonite. That was definitely one of the most awkward costumes as it was this big silver box, but definitely one of the coolest.

This totally wins Most Obscure. This guy is dressed as El Chaupulin Colorado, a famous Telenovela superhero that walked around in a grasshopper outfit for some reason. He's most notable for inspiring Bumblebee Man from the Simpsons.

This won I Totally Took The Picture Due to the Star Wars Mashup. Yeah, That's The Ticket.

The "I don't know where this is from, but there's breasts on this and it makes me feel weird." Award.

(UPDATE: The actual cosplayer somehow found this article and contacted me to say that this is a Black Cat Symbiote Queen cosplay from the Spider-Man: Web of Shadows video game. Definitely gets lots of points for obscurity. Well done, Geisha VI.)

The rest of these pretty much win Best in Show:

Voltron kicked ass.

Soundwave looking awesome.

Gotta love the commitment on Gizmoduck, supplying his own unicycle and everything.

Mario & Luigi as Ghostbusters. I saw a ton of Ghostbusters, these were by far the most unique. I love how they use Gamecubes as the ghost traps.

Inspector Gadget. You know, he could've done the extendo-arms or the umbrella. But no, he had to go the extra mile and lug around the helicopter on his head. Yes, that propeller was spinning the whole time.

I caught Steampunk Hawkman & Hawkgirl last year, but this was too awesome to not get again. Those wings were metal and were able to unfurl. Oh, and they made tons of noise whenever they moved.

I shouldn't need to tell you who this is or why this is awesome.

Really awesome Rita Repulsa.

And finally Super Mr. T. He pitied no fool.

This isn't even CLOSE to all the cosplay pics I have, and this is but a fraction of the awesome cosplayers at this con. I actually have a list of people I wish I took a picture of:

-Dante from Clerks 2. He looked EXACTLY like him and I had three chances to take his pic, and I never did.

-Afro Samurai

-a kid dressed up as Blastoise

-"Simon Petrikov" from Adventure Time. I'd go into detail into who that is, but it's an enormous spoiler.

-Showgirl Buzz Lightyear. As in, an old-school Vegas showgirl dressed as Buzz Lightyear.

-Finally, a guy that I couldn't tell if it was actually Mick Foley walking around or some cosplayer that looked a hell of a lot like him. I wish I asked him, but I'm pretty sure I'm not taller than the real guy.

And that's it for now. Happy Halloween, everyone!

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