Saturday, August 31, 2013

I'm getting older.

This has been some very trying times, folks. Time seems to be moving too fast for me. It seems like just the other day I posted the previous entry. Which was a month ago. And it still feels like the year just started, and tomorrow it'll be September. For years I've been clinging to summer for as long as I could, but this is seriously the first time I've said "fuck this, bring on the fall." But thankfully, that's passed and I want summer to continue on for as long as possible.

I'm 26 and I feel old. I shouldn't be feeling like this, but I do. I know I'm still young and have lots of years ahead of me, but I just don't what to do with myself. I have a job, a car, lots of other things. But what? But what does it all lead to? I'm falling back onto my anxieties, I'm afraid of taking the first step towards the journey of 1000 miles. I feel like I've covered this ground before.

But what new thing can I talk about? Oh yes, I do have something! In a month and a half, I'll be at New York Comic Con, and a month after that I'll be at the Long Island Doctor Who Con. Those'll be great weekend.

And after that, it'll be Halloween. But you know, Halloween stuff usually started around September after the Back To School stuff is cleared out. But this time around? All the fall stuff started showing up LAST WEEK. It's still August! I know people like Halloween, but it's always too early.

I know you guys like your pumpkins and horror movies and your Frute Brute and Yummy Mummy coming back, but please: STOP IT.

This all goes back to my first point, I do feel older and I hate it. Hell, I even got a mug that I can finally call "My Mug."

See, it's a genuine "Troy & Abed In The Morning" mug from Community. I bought it when I went into Manhattan a few weeks ago. I'll shank anyone who tries to use it.

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