Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Aug. 31st: Blog-A-Day Shall Survive!

It's August 31st where I am, and, well, this was supposed to be the last entry of Blog-A-Day. There would've been confetti being dropped from the ceiling, a grand tally of my favorite posts from the month, and a special performance from Tony Orlando.

But...Hurricane Irene changed all that by knocking out my power and Internet over the weekend. But with that comes good news! Blog-A-Day shall continue into September!

I'll tell you the truth, gang, writing has really helped me out this month. It's one of the few things that's keeping me sane; I've mentioned before that it's one of the main reasons why I started this damn blog in the first place. A constant schedule, a new idea each day. I'll admit, it got my brain juices flowing again, and I really loved that.

So you could imagine how getting knocked out of that rhythm a few days before the finish line got me so bummed out. But fear not dear readers, I will trudge on! Expect a new entry tomorrow!

...Oh, all right. Since the guy needs the money, here's a performance by Tony Orlando:

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