Friday, May 31, 2013

The Not McRib from The BK!

So summer's finally here and Burger King brought out some new stuff for the season. Putting different toppings on the whopper, cheaper ice cream, a pulled pork sandwich, the works. But this year they added something new. Kinda new.

See, a Rib Sandwich. That's what I don't like about Burger King these days, they've tried to be "hip" by actually describing their food by what they actually are. It seems kinda odd that they waited all these years to finally rip off the McRib (which I've written about here and here), but here they are.

I'm pretty sure that since you're reading this, you knew I had to try the damn thing.

Well, here it is, in the flesh. If you could call it flesh. What, were you expecting confetti or something? Somehow Burger King created a rib sandwich that looked less like a rib than the McRib did, which is really saying something. And it even has gross grill marks on it. That's something I never liked, especially not on a fake rib sandwich.

As for the taste? Well, umm, how can I put it this way? You're eating at Burger King, which should tip you off right from the get-go. This sandwich is not only smaller, but the not quite pork just didn't taste right. You could obviously tell that you're eating meat, but something just doesn't feel right. But you know that this is totally something from Burger King. Must be the oils and fats and snouts.

The sauce wasn't as good as the McRib sauce, either. Much like the McRib sauce where it's a different, FAR better blend than their regular bbq sauce, BK's rib sauce is tangy and slightly different from their regular sauce. But not addictively tangy like the McRib sauce. I can still taste that stuff as we speak.

To quote the Simpsons, what's a word for this?:

Ah yes, transcendent. But that's neither here nor there. My verdict: You're better off waiting for the McRib to come back. At least the pickles were decent.

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