Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The Best Cosplay I Ever Saw

It's Halloween everyone!

This year was kind of a bust. Barely any trick or treaters came to my house, not even some rowdy teens without costumes! What gives? I blame Tuesdays.

Anyway, in years past this was the time when I'd post all the great cosplayers I found at New York Comic Con that year. This year will be no different, but with one exception.

I found what is probably the greatest cosplay I have ever seen in person. I say "in person" because I've seen tons of great cosplayers...but not by me. It's always someone else that caught them, like Hulkbuster from NYCC a few years ago.

See? Amazing, and the picture is not by me. It was from this guy. I kept hearing about this one, but I never saw him. You'd think that a seven foot Hulkbuster would be hard to miss, but yeah.

I spent most of Saturday at the con this year searching for really good cosplayers, which is when all the good ones show up. And boy, did they. But before I bury the lede and just show you guys the main attraction, I'll just show off my favorites from the rest of the convention first. All of the following pictures are by me.

Like this guy with a carousel on his head full of Disney characters. I expected him to just wear that on Thursday and let his neck rest for the rest of the time but no, he had that on every single day I saw him.

And I had to get a closeup of the Three Caballeros. They're on the flying burrito, too! Such a great detail.

Here's a badass Alexendrite cosplayer I saw at the Steven Universe panel. I wish the lighting was better, though.

Jon Snow White. Mashups were in this year, and this was my favorite.

Another great mashup was this Sailor Mandalorian.

Any questions?? Yes. Several. He wasn't the only David S. Pumpkins I saw, but the only one with the skeleton buddies in tow.

This guy was VERY into not breaking whatever character he was supposed to be.

There weren't as many Deadpools this year, oddly. I think they all became Ricks from Rick & Morty.

Anyone can dress up as Jason Voorhees, but only this guy could dress up as Friday The 13th Part 2 Jason Voorhees.

I loved this Lex Luthor. I really love the effort some of these people put into their costumes.

Clippy was pretty popular, he was super fun.

And here's the other side of the sign. Love the originality.

Well, I certainly wasn't expecting them.

The Flash. I get it. Oh, and the front side left VERY little to the imagination. I'll spare you all the horror of looking at it.

I love seeing older cosplayers, and this couple was dressed as Secret Squirrel and Morocco Mole!

This year there were lots of people cosplaying as Yondu. No surprise since Michael Rooker was doing signings here. (I got to meet him, he was awesome)

There were also a few people dressed as Mary Poppins, and thanks to a certain movie that came out this summer, mashup cosplays of the two were inevitable. This was not the only Yondu Poppins I saw, either.


I have no idea where this guy was from, but I think he was friends with this guy:

They're either from some video game or were about to duel in a life size Rock'em Sock'em Robots fight.

Lots of Link & Zelda cosplayers walking around this year, but this one was fighting a Lynel from Breath of The Wild.

Speaking of deep cut video game cosplays, here's Mario Paint. I loved that game so much and I'm so angry that they never remade that for any of the newer consoles. Mario Maker is the closest we got.

And here's a creepy Mr. Game & Watch.

I thought this was an old-timey version of Goofy, but I found out that this is actually a character from something called Bendy and the Ink Machine.

I don't know, either.

Always good to see McThor. And he had Sif in tow!

This guy is actually supposed to be Spyro the Dragon. I saw him later with a similarly dapper Crash Bandicoot and Crash's...sister? I'm sorry, I haven't played those games.

Cousin Itt!

This was a line buddy of mine named Dominic. He was VERY Adamant about getting SWAT Kats back on the air. He was giving little statues of SWAT Kats characters to the actors who voiced them there (Jim Cummings, Tress MacNeille, Rob Paulsen, and Mark Hamill).

This gorgeous costume was Undine, or as I called it "Goddamn It You're Taking Up A Lot of The Floor on A Saturday People Need To Get Through Here."

Another angle:

She just...sat there for ages while people took pictures. It was pretty haunting. You're gonna have to enlarge the first pic to see it, but she was wearing contacts to make her eyes look pitch black.

And now the moment you've all been waiting for: The best cosplay I ever saw. These pictures were taken not too long after seeing the Undine cosplayer up above, I literally ran into the guy.

What's this, you say? Just a silver box? Look closer.


What is this, a convention center for ants?!

Another angle. This was far and away the most unique cosplay I've seen on my thirty years on this planet. There's dressing up as an inanimate object, even a building...but the actual convention center we're in? That takes a hell of a great imagination. And lots of tape.

I heard that this guy not only does this every year and that this is the first time I saw it, let alone knew about this guy, but he got turned away at the cosplay contest. The actual reason was that you needed to sign up for the contest like a month in advance and wouldn't take any walk-ins. But in my head, the Javits Center legally couldn't participate in any contests held inside itself.

That's what I'm going with. Keep being you, Javits Center Cosplayer. I think we can pack it up, cosplay is done. We have a winner. Seriously, after that I stopped actively looking for any more cosplayers the rest of the day after seeing this guy, because I knew nothing would top it.

One day I'll actually do some kind of cosplay. There's always next year.

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