Saturday, August 27, 2011


Well, kids, the subject line is true. Since Beaming For Bunnies Home Base is stationed on Long Island, I'm currently in the direct path of Hurricane Irene.

I'm somewhere in the...white area.

I'm not worrying, though. My mom's freaked out that we'll lose power and there will be mass panic and yadda yadda yadda. I'm sure I'll be fine, and you'll see another entry for tomorrow. If anything bad won't.

If any of you are in my position, I hope you all stay safe, stay dry, and stay sane. The masses have been flocking to the food stores these past few days because of the coming apocalypse that won't happen, and if you're able to find bread and water (and not cat food labeled as such), then hooray for you.

New York City has pretty much shut down, and that NEVER happens. Better safe than sorry, I guess. The mayor's trying to cover his ass so another blizzard debacle doesn't happen. Nevertheless, the city's trash collectors have already taken the week off. So, again, nothing to worry about.

Until tomorrow, here's a relevant video:

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