Friday, August 26, 2011

Aug. 26th: Dennis vs Vinylmation Part 3

Part 1
Part 2

Merv: "Man, I hope that Optimus guy is okay. I don't want my sixteen dollars to go to waste on that Vinylmation."

Dennis: "He's the leader of the Autobots, of course he'll be okay! At the very least, he'll die anticlimactically and be revived in a couple of days."


Optimus: "Here's your MacGuffin Cube boys, safe and sound! With only 5 human casualties from the crossfire! A personal best for me!"

Merv: "That's good and all, but come on! I wanna see if I'm mildly rich!"


Dennis: "Well, that took forever."

Merv: "And, look! There's foil all ova the thing! Disney does NOT want people to cheat at this, don't they?"

Optimus: "Allow me to assist you with opening this demon foil, friends!"


Dennis: "Well, it isn't Abe Lincoln. I was hoping it'd be the Troll guy."

Merv: "Well, that's it. Just toss it in the trash like the rest of the eBay crap I bought."

Optimus: "Merv, no! This inanimate object is a sentient being, and its right to exist must be honored."

Merv: "Ugh, fine. Hey, Vinylmation thing. You able to talk?"

Vinylmation: "I believe so. All I know is that, with these stripes for eyes, I'm pretty sure I'm some sort of abomination."

Dennis: "Nonsense! look like one of those clapboards they use in the movies!"

Vinylmation: "Do the movies still use clapboards?"

Optimus: "I like that idea. Your name from this point forward shall be...Clapboard!"

Clapboard: "Sigh."


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