Sunday, July 31, 2016

Leprechaun Man

A few days ago I was watching Let's Make A Deal on Buzzr and noticed a weird looking guy in the audience.

See him? Let's look closer.

Yeah, this guy. I thought to myself "is that Doctor Demento in the audience?"

It turns out that sadly it wasn't Doctor Demento at all. But it turned out this guy was even better. In the next episode he gets on screen and it turns out that he's a six and a half foot tall man dressed as a leprechaun.

Look how happy he is! He ended up winning a set of golf clubs and $500, which he traded away for the Big Deal, worth a couple thousand dollars. He made out well. That smile was infectious.

Out of all the weird people I've seen on Let's Make A Deal, Leprechaun Guy is definitely my favorite. You keep being you. You were better than the people dressed as Mickey Mouse.