Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'll Just Leave This Video Here...

Proving that Rule 34 exists for everything, here's a live-action version for The Simpsons.

I'm still amazed that it took 22 years for an official porno parody to be made. Sure, drawings & animated Rule 34 have existed for years (I'm still shuddering at that thought), not to mention the times Marge posed for Maxim & Playboy.

Then there's the in-canon sex, which is a bit easier to swallow since it's mostly played for laughs, like whenever Homer & Marge decide to snuggle. Or the time Homer went for an erotic picture session. Or the time Marge worked in an Erotic Bakery. Or the episode "Natural Born Kissers." Or the entire "Hardcore Nudity" montage at the end of the 138th Episode Spectacular.

You all know how good I am at Simpsons-fu, I could do this all day. But I'm gonna go stab my brain with a Q-Tip now.

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