Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Aug. 3rd: Unemployment: America's Greatest Pastime

I haven't discussed much of my personal life recently, which is a shame. For most of the time I've been blogging here, my life has been pretty dull, aside from the stuff I've put here. But for the past month, I've been out of a job.

Yes folks, I am currently unemployed and out of my old job that I hated with a passion. Just in case someone from said job or anyone professional who's reading this entry right now, I'll just call it The Place. The Place was just not pleasant to be at.

You've seen the movie Clerks, right? Imagine that, but repeating every day for five years. Sometimes some days would feel like Clerks II, sometimes like the Animated Series. But either way, it eventually got to me and hit the breaking point in late June. What happened, exactly? I'd rather not talk about that, I don't wish to live in the past right now. But in the month since that's happened, I've been treating this unemployment thing like a vacation, and I feel 1000x better than I've been in quite a while! But not having a job is starting to suck. I like money, and I don't have a constant stream anymore.

But I went for a job interview today, and I think it went rather well. I'll give y'all an update if I get the job!

So that's what's been happening with me. How about you? Until next time, here's a lemon:

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