Friday, August 31, 2018


This past month, my twitter buddy Sommerjam along with David Pietandrea set up a daily drawing challenge called AuGHOST.

Obviously it’s centered around ghosts, with a different prompt every day. I’ve been wanting to try my hand at drawing, even though I’m not all that good at it. I figured ghosts were easy to draw, and I’m happy to say that I made it through the whole month and completed 31 different drawings!
Here now are each of those drawings, in one blog entry purely for posterity. Crude evidence of eraser marks and all.

1. Massive

My first serious attempt at drawing something! And also my first serious attempt to draw a really beefy arm and a fist.

I ended up loving that little ghost that’s just says "Wow." You’ll be seeing more of him later.

2. Cheap

For this one, I was thinking "a Funko Pop on clearance is pretty cheap, right?"

I based it off of the Funko Pop of the Blue Ghost from PAC-Man.

It’s ironically the most valuable of that set.

3. Jar

When is a ghost’s door not a ghost’s door? When it’s ajar!

...let’s move on.

4. Hold

One of my early favorites. Also features my Very Serious Attempt at drawing the classic Garfield phone from everyone’s childhood.

I wanted one so badly but never did. For the best, I never had anyone to talk to anyway.

5. Voracious

This looked better in my head. A giant ghost that was pretty much a mouth with teeth sucking up the PAC-Man fruit was definitely one of my more unique looking ghosts. It ended up looking like a frog without its hind legs. And with teeth.

The fruit next to the key is supposed to be an apple, but it was originally grapes until I realized there were no grapes in any of those games.

6. Delete

This is more "erase" than "delete" but you get the idea. This was also like the third attempt at taking a picture of it, and the eraser dust changed every time.

7. Clover

This was one of the first drawings I sketched out, it seemed so obvious. Could’ve been better, but I like it.

8. Crime

Hey, who took the cookies?! Was it YOU?

At the last minute, I gave the ghost eyes where it was originally just eyes and I don’t like how it came out.

9. Guilty

A little political commentary for this one. When I sketched it out, Day 9 Ghost hadn’t blatantly admitted to it on twitter yet...

10. Cook

This ghost just wanted to stay in on a Friday night and microwave some popcorn. Not a fan of how I drew the popcorn bag, but loving the tongue.

11. Inject

Wait a that the ghost from Day 1? What’s it injecting?! Is that how its arm got so beefy?

12. Screw

A little old school cartoon throwback for this one. I really like how this one came out.

13. Familiar

"Oh my god, this ghost is my exact double!"

I really regret giving Fancy Ghost a mouth, his mustache did all the heavy lifting by itself.

14. Flippant

"Why do your ghosts look like condoms?"

This was based on an actual Instagram comment left on one of the earlier pictures. I couldn’t un-see it and it really put me in a bad mood for the next few days. It’s why almost every ghost from this point forward look much different. Don’t read the comments, folks.

15. Clingy

You feed a stray dog one of your Scooby Snax and it follows you around forever. Literally.

Normally you’d be happy to have a dog with you for all eternity, but this was during my sad phase, so this ghost was sad, too.

16. Blush

"Me? Surely you mean the ghost behind me, right?"

That ghost is me whenever someone talks to me. Nobody talks to me, so I assume they’re talking to someone else.

This was also the only picture I started over from scratch since I didn’t like how the original version came out after I inked it.

17. Scandal

"The Fake Boo York Times is being unfair to my good friend, the Day 1 Ghost. GHOST WITCH HUNT!" The Day 9 Ghost tweeted earlier this morning.

Totally one of my favorites, even if I couldn’t draw a newspaper as well as I thought I could. I think at this point I just started inserting the "Bystander Ghost"  (or the Wow Ghost) anywhere I could. This is probably my favorite usage of him.

18. Damp

Your dustpan, I mean umbrella turning inside out during a rainstorm is the worst, isn’t it?

19. Three

"Ghost...Ghost...aww, lemon!"

I saw "three" and my mind immediately jumped to a slot machine. Did you know that you could just watch people playing slot machines on YouTube?

You’d think this was stupidest thing ever, but it’s not! I got mesmerized by these videos for a couple of days, and it’s much cheaper than playing these things yourself.

20. Spot

Here is my Very Serious Attempt at drawing the classic Charlie Brown Ghost from memory.

Obviously I’m no Charles Schulz. Speaking of which, I drew this entry on Snoopy’s birthday:

I think Charlie Brown Ghost is just upset that he looks like one of those old school Playskool Little People Toys.

21. Fire

I don’t know what Day 1 Ghost is being fired from, but obviously that news report from Day 17 made the Day 9 Ghost look bad. Let’s say he was the Secretary or Agriculture.

22. Lick

This demon fish ghost thing is imitating its favorite scene from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

My headcanon says that this drawing is a closeup of the Day 9 Ghost.

23. Check

Ghost Santa is making his list and checking it twice!

It dawned on me too late to add famous pop culture ghosts to his list, so I just fit as many as I could. Did I miss any? And how do you get on Ghost Santa’s nice list?

In any case, I like how Ghost Santa came out. I don’t know whether to be proud or frightened that he comes off as a bit creepy.

24. Parcel

Abu (A-Boo?) Dhabi is not just a place you send annoyingly cute kittens, but also disgraced ghosts that took steroids.

25. Plain

I saw this prompt and thought "what’s more plain than a bagel?"

This Ghost is NOT a doughnut, and he’ll give you such a haunting if you accuse him of being one.

26. Spark

Pictured is me getting inspiration for ideas for these prompts. Again, I thought I knew how to draw lightbulbs, but I obviously need more practice.

27. Slide

This ghost just wants to have a fun time.

28. Early

They say to draw your feelings, and this is my sincere self portrait of myself every morning. I don’t even drink coffee, but this ghost needed a mug with a funny saying on it.

29. Shallow

This ghost has something to say to you.

30. Bucket

I don’t know whether it’s the bucket that’s haunted or it just fell on this ghost’s head, but either way the ghost crudely drew a face on it to compensate.

I really like how this came out, but I thought maybe I should’ve drawn the bucket as one of those McBoo pails Mcdonald's used to give out every year.

I thought a regular bucket gets the job done. It’s also the only drawing that I used a marker on, and it bled out through to the next page, so I had to start the next one over from scratch.

31. Victory

And finally we come to the end, with Victory! You’re almost there, Ghost! You can do it! He’s even being cheered on by the recurring ghost characters, too. In retrospect I should’ve drawn the 31 on the ghost and not the finish line, but I still like this one.

Yeah, Bucket’s drawing bleeding out turned out to be a blessing in disguise, since the original idea was for the ghost to fall flat on its face just before crossing the finish line. Luckily I decided to make the final product more positive. That, and I couldn’t figure out how to draw the ghost falling on its face well anyway.

Before I go, I need to show this picture drawn my friend Ryan Mead for today’s entry.

I tagged him way at the beginning of the month and he’d been drawing along with me ever since. For the Victory entry, he decided to add the Wow Ghost to it, and I’m honestly touched by it. Seems I’m not the only one who loves him.

I hope you all enjoyed my attempts at art this month, I had a lot of fun with it. I truly envy anyone who could draw well, especially if they do it for a living. I’ll keep it to a hobby for now, but I finally gave myself some discipline and managed to get around to doing something I’ve been putting off for ages.

Check out the #AuGHOST tag on Twitter and Instagram for entries by other find folks more talented than I.

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