Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Aug. 17th: Jack The Giant Killer

Hey, guess what I just got back from?

That's right, the latest Rifftrax Live event! This time around was "Jack The Giant Killer," and it had it all: Giants, a Ming The Merciless knockoff, Leprechauns, tentacle rape, horrible claymation, and a chimp in a thong!

There were also a few shorts that preceded the feature: A film about eight year-olds philosophizing over nothing, and two cartoons "written" by a little girl. The first cartoon was about a superhero named Doorknob who built walls, and the other ended with Jesus marrying a frog in France, then lived happily ever after trapped in a cage.

As always it was hilarious, and these live events have yet to disappoint. If you're a fan of MST3K and haven't checked these out, you either live nowhere near a theater that shows them, or you're an imbecile.

"Be right there!" and "Seize the bone" are on track to becoming the next "watch out for snakes," I swear it. If there's another event announced, do everything in your power to see it!

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