Sunday, August 7, 2011

Aug. 7th: GetGlue Stickers Entry

Hello, my name is Galileo, and...I'm a GetGlue Addict.

"Hi, Galileo," the unseen group would drone to me.

Why, what's GetGlue, you ask? Lemme see if I can describe exactly what this is to you.

It's a social networking site...kind of. But what this site specializes in is tracking every activity that you do in a day. No, not like the "install a bug that takes your personal information and sells them to third party spambots in China" business model that places like Facebook does, nor does it track every stupid statement that you type down for all the world to see like Twitter does.

No, what GetGlue does is it tracks every TV show or movie you watch, anyone you listen to, any books you read, etc. I found the site through people on Twitter saying they're currently watching (insert show here) or (watching just-released movie here). So I naturally assumed that it was a bootlegging site.

Oh, how wrong I was. See, what you do is go to the main GetGlue site. Then, you find whatever it is that you're doing. In this case, let's say The Simpsons. Then there's a comment box, where you "check in" to that topic.

And when I checked-in for the first time, I though that's how you were able to watch things. NOPE. It only tells other people that you're watching it. But here's what I did learn: If you check into something frequently (5, 15, 50, 100) times, or you check into a single show or a set of shows at the right time, you earn a sticker.

This is the "Jump The Shark" sticker, earned by checking-in to a show that's overstayed its welcome.

Yes, a sticker. Let's say you watch the Simpsons 5 days a week, and you check in each of those days. Doing so will earn you the Simpsons Fan sticker.

You get this one for 5 check-ins.

And so on, and so forth. So you get to thinking "if this show gave me a sticker, I wonder what other ones will?" Well, if the show/movie/whatever is popular or new, chances are that there's at least one sticker for it. Some, like the infamous Shark Week, not only has a sticker for each of the seven shows that premiered last week, but stickers for how many times you check into it (5, 10, and 15), ones for checking in on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and even a sticker for each of the 4 weeks counting down to it. It gives you a grand total of seventeen stickers.

And I have them all! Hahahaha!

What do these things do? Well, nothing. They're purely cosmetic! But earning as many of these things as quickly as possible (as the window for obtaining many of these stickers lasts for about a day or so), can get addicting. My grand total as of this writing is 325...and growing. I've been at this for nearly 6 months or so, but then there's some people who have just about EVERY sticker thus far. We call them...people with less of a life than I do.

Also, if you get at least 20, you can get physical copies of them mailed to you. So if you're interested in joining the fold...get cracking! Join us...join us...join us...

Sorry, that button gets stuck sometimes.

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cuteordeath said...

I was wondering what that was. I love stickers, but I don't watch much TV. :(

Galileo said...

Hell, I don't watch half of the shows I get the stickers for lol.

Also, there's more than just TV there. Search ANYTHING and there's a page for it. And if you're lucky, there's a sticker for it.