Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lost, Now Found

Man, where the hell did the last month go? It seems yesterday was Christmas, now February's tomorrow. So where have I been?

Sick, mostly. It's weird since I rarely get sick. I mostly average MAYBE one week, maybe two of "sick" a year, and I got sick during two nonconsecutive weeks in a month! Seriously nature, stop it. Why won't you let me be happy for once?! I never even got to show you guys what I got for Christmas!! (spoiler: Mostly DVDs and the new Paper Mario & Epic Mickey games)

But let's get something up here before the month's done. A long time ago, there was a cartoon called Dexter's Laboratory. It was about a young genius with an annoying sibling that does nothing but annoy him and wreck stuff.

Oh god no, not that.

That's the one. A long time ago, there was a legend that there was a lost episode of the show, titled "Dexter's Rude Removal." Lore has it that it involved Dexter and Dee-Dee removing the rude parts of their personality, which manifested into rude versions of themselves. Then they proceed to swear like sailors. For years, people wondered if such an episode actually exists. Sure, there were rumors that it was shown exactly ONCE at a con, but it's the internet and we verify things with a hardy "pics or it didn't happen."

Then a few months back, Genndy Tartakovsky, the guy who created it, was asked on Reddit about it...and said that it was indeed real. And then [adult swim] later announced that it had a copy on hand.

Well fair viewers, what I have below this sentence will amaze you. It turns out this episode is indeed real, and it's freaking hilarious. I guess I'll keep my end of the bargain, and get some points on my candidacy for King of Cartoons.

Let the cartoon....BEGIN!

Sure it's censored, but I'm one of the people that think the bleeps made it funnier. Seriously, this was all worth it just to hear Dexter say "We're gonna go fuck up your lab!"

And while we're at it, there's another "lost episode" of the show, but this one actually made it to air. It's a Monkey episode called "Barbequor."

Why was it pulled? For one, their parody of the Silver Surfer was portrayed as stereotypically gay as possible. It also doesn't help that the Infragible Krunk (their version of the Hulk) not only gets drunk ,but gets behind the wheel of a car. Good GOD.

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