Monday, April 30, 2012

Where have I been?

I don't like asking this question either, folks. I have been around, providing you've been reading my twitter feed or my other blog, In 10 Words. I seriously hate posting once a month, but here's a definitive answer to why I've neglected posting:

I got a job.

Yes, loyal readers, I am once again employed. For the most part, it's pretty awesome. What I do is that I go into a King Kullen (the local supermarket chain), go into the Health & Beauty aisle, pack out all of the stock that's there, clean it up and order new stuff for next time.

Then I leave, most likely to another store to do the whole thing again. I'm not tied to a schedule, managers (for the most part), nor do I have to deal with customers. The best part is when they give me my money. And it's good money, too. I can actually afford things now!

The only cons I can think of are the commute and the hours. Since I'm, not tied to a schedule, I leave when the job is done. On days with big orders or days when I have to fix up endcaps for the new sales, I get home around 7/7:30pm. And I leave my house at roughly 7:30 in the morning. This...doesn't give my much time to do anything else during the week. I'm off on weekends, which is a freaking miracle for me or else I'd go insane.

So that being said., I'm lucky if I have free time, like now. I hate being an adult. But that doesn't mean I'm ending anything, no sir! You will see me again, hopefully not at the end of next month.

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