Monday, September 30, 2013

The Best Burger I Ever Ate

Gather round children, and I shall tell you a tale of the best burger I've ever eaten.

Well, we begin this story a few weeks back (I really should've posted it then, but as I mentioned in the below post you can blame work and my on/off battle with anxieties & depression). It was just a normal trip to New York City, just wanting to spend a day at a place that wasn't my house. Go see some sights, bother people in Times Square, that sorta thing.

But then I was accosted by one of those girls on the street giving out fliers. I normally brush those off, as they're usually shilling for some strip club or comedy show or bus tour or some combination of that. I walk a few feet and caught this place:

courtesy of Warning: Full of burger snobs.
Holy crap, it was a burger place! One I never heard of! After some research I found out that this location opened in 2010, yet I didn't stumble upon it until now. That's the city for ya. And it seems that it's the only one of two locations in the northeast, the other in Connecticut.

That's when I realized it: That girls wasn't handing out dumb fliers, she must've been giving out coupons! Burgers, cute girls, and coupons, how could I turn it down?

As I sat down, I discovered that the main attraction of the place was that you could customize every single aspect of your meal. Here's what the menu looks like:

I don't normally say this, but JESUS. I'm pretty sure you can click on that to make it bigger so you can see all the combos. So many choices, so little time. Seriously, it took me ten minutes to decide on the cheese. Sad you can only choose up to 4 toppings so you gotta convince yourself that putting marinated artichokes on a burger doesn't sound all that appetizing.

The "MP" you see on all the choices are all of the specials that day I do remember the meat of the day being Mahi Mahi while the bun was that freaking pretzel bread that's all the rage these days. Also, it's pretty sneaky that they charge you extra for going gluten-free. Here's what I ended up getting:

This one had bacon, lettuce, "bermuda red onion" (just fancy talk for onions, I guess), coleslaw and the pickles. With a side of hot wing sauce (just regular Frank's Red Hot), and all topped with jalapeno jack. Don't be fooled by the picture, that burger was bigger than what you see there.

And here's the fries and the shake I got with it. Of course the fries and the shake are customizable too. The fries were plain because the coupon that got me in there made them free with any burger. The shake was strawberry banana.

This all comes together from the main point: The taste. TIS GOOD. ALL OF IT. Well...the fries are okay, but the rest of it was fantastic. The shake was sweet, the strawberry and the banana were distinct tastes and were really good.

As for the burger itself...every single aspect of this burger is great. Usually SOMETHING on the burgers I eat have something "off" to them. The bread is too burnt, the meat is too dry or greasy, the pickles don't taste right, etc. None of that is here. Meat was tender and delicious, the bun was soft and rich in bunly goodness, and all the toppings tasted great (trust me, it's REALLY easy to screw up coleslaw, pickles and bacon).

I don't usually say this, but my burger was perfect. My only complaint was the fries, I've had better but these were free so I can't really complain about that. And had I known the sauce was served on the size, I would've went with ranch.

But other than that, this whole experience was fantastic. It's a chain place so you'll find better stuff at a mom & pop place or even your own backyard but for what this is, it's pretty damn good. I've been dreaming about this burger for weeks, people. If you remember that burger review challenge I did a few years back, the last time I was this gung-ho about a burger was from Five Guys.

So if you're in Times Square (or at their dozens of other locations), and willing to spend about $20 for the whole shebang, definitely check it out!

Yeah...should've mentioned that price earlier. But I posted the menu up there and it's the end of the post, so there ya go!

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