Thursday, April 30, 2020

Social Distancing!

Well, April sped by in a blink, and frankly...not much has happened. Damn quarantine.

I've still been playing Animal Crossing, still been watching old Simpsons episodes. Still late night eBay buying. (Things I've bought recently haven't arrived in time for writing this entry. Maybe I'll show them off next month)

I keep on keeping on.

BUT yesterday I stumbled upon that AI Meme Generator that's being passed around and I've been having way too much fun with it.

See, it's like a typical meme maker, but all the text is predicted by one of those neural net things and while 90% of these are complete nonsense, you get that 10% that's just absolute gold. And perhaps a little TOO personal for my tastes.

Here now are some of my favorites that I've made.

That's it for me, folks. See y'all in May. If we still have one. Time's been acting weird lately.

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Tuesday, March 31, 2020


Last week was my 33rd birthday, and out of all 33 of them, this one ranked somewhere near the bottom.

This whole Coronavirus ordeal has messed up everything. Jobs, socializing, trips, going out to eat, general optimism. And I'll be honest, I'm pretty much lacking on all of that right now. Well, I work in the health & beauty aisle of the local supermarket, so my job is as essential as can be right now.

It's just stressful as all hell. Any chance of normalcy I've had, or anyone has had, pretty much vanished overnight.

So what better thing to do to feel better about myself than to cross something off the old bucket list?

Behold! I now own a genuine cel from The Simpsons!

And a certificate of authenticity! It means I'm sane now. It's definitely a better cel than the one Bart bought with Homer's credit card.

You might've remembered that for my last birthday I also bought an animation cel as a gift to myself.

To refresh your memory, this was from Izzy's Quest For Olympic Gold, a legendary piece of lost media that only gets remembered in blog posts like this one.

A better angle of the cel. This was from the episode "Itchy & Scratchyland," specifically the scene where the duo take a break from the violence to announce the opening of the park.

I'm dead certain that it's of this shot, or at least a frame where Scratchy didn't have his tongue out. Regardless, it's interesting to know that the TV frame was a separate layer here.

I bought the cel from @ThatGuy3002 on Twitter. He's most known for his deep dives into scripts of Simpsons episodes, highlighting jokes and scenes either changed or cut from the table draft script to what ultimately made it onscreen; not to mention highlighting his cel collection or his friendship with legendary animator Bil Plympton.

There's no official ranking in Simpsons fandom, but ThatGuy outranks ME. And if you've been around me or this site at all, you know that's definitely saying something. It's weird to know that I know his real name now, but don't worry, you're secret's safe with me.

It currently hangs above my couch, right where my Banana Splits poster used to be.

How much did I pay for it? Well, I really don't want to say. It was possibly the most I've ever payed for anything in my collection thus far. Let's just say that the money I was saving up for East Coast Comic Con (which would've taken place in May again, then got delayed to July before getting called off) went to this instead. I am not to be trusted with money, and my paycheck was definitely good to me this past month. It was this or 70 transcripts of Nightline.

Couple this with my depression returning in full force and not much else to do with my life are a deadly combo.

But what has been warding off my bad moods lately? Honestly, Animal Crossing.

Animal Crossing arrived at my house on the 21st and it couldn't come at a moment too soon. I needed this charming island life simulator. After New Leaf, I was wondering where the series could go from here. Now I know: owning an island that is 100% customizable. Usually you had freedom to put your house somewhere, and plant trees anywhere you want, and maybe build some things.You could change the town theme song to Megalovania, and change your town flag to Greendale's.

But THIS game eventually lets you terraform everything on the island. You can create paths of custom designs, move rivers, even carve out mountains. Also, every tool you use and a slew of other things are craftable. It was only inevitable that it adopted Minecraft and Breath of The Wild's bullshit, but here we are.

There's also an achievement system now, and I'm honestly addicted to it. You get a bonus for just about everything. My favorite is the "oops, you popped a balloon and the gift landed in the water" achievement.

Also, you can visit random islands and there's one populated by tarantulas.

I made it there on Sunday and boy, did that pay off. You have to clear out everything on that island to fully take advantage of it, but when you catch over 30 of them at once and you get paid 8,000 bells for each one, it's a good paycheck.

I wish the economy worked like Animal Crossing. But then again, we'd destroy the ecosystem worse than what we're doing now if we did.

I also think Tarantula Island is more common than I'd thought. The game has only been out for a little over a week and it seems that everyone will laugh at you if you DIDN'T find that island yet.

Well, that's what I've been up to. I hope all is well for you. And if we all get through this, I'l see you in April.

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Saturday, February 29, 2020


It's hard to believe, but I've been blogging here for twelve years now!

...Did I stick around long enough so I could post that to properly celebrate this milestone? Probably. It was hard to just embed a video of just the "12" segment, though. Damn you, COPPA.

But just in case that didn't come across the way I hoped, here's some more Twelve imagery:

Another year has passed by, and once again I've resigned myself to knowing that no one really blogs anymore. Everyone (myself included) tends to stick to Twitter or Instagram or one of those other places to express themselves these days, while the more static places on the internet seem to be tossed aside or forgotten.

But fret not dear readers, I'm still here, and I'll still post as often as I can. You can always count on the end of the month for new content, and at the very least I'll see you folks in March.

Thank you for reading my little space on the net, and enjoy the extra day.

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Friday, January 31, 2020

She Thinks She's People

It's January 31st, and you know what that means:


Man, it felt like January went on forever, considering how quickly the past few years have passed by us. If you read the end of last month's entry, I've been feeling pretty down after the loss of my friend.

But the past few days have been looking up.

Here's a cute picture of my cat watching Jeopardy. She's still mad Ken Jennings won the GOAT tournament.

I watched a speedrun of Link's Awakening at Awesome Games Done Quick and I felt to urge to play it for myself, so I went out and bought it the first chance I got. I don't usually play Zelda games, this being the third one after Hyrule Warriors and Ocarina of Time. It's a pretty charming game, the graphics are pretty, and it's challenging but not too hard. Some people want Dark Souls, I just want an excuse to compulsively cut down all the grass with my sword, and this game delivers in spades. Sixty dollars well spent.

They're adding this emoji and I'm honestly excited for it. I'm an old guy and don't use them, but I might start now. With only this one. In place of words. That's how much I love this.

Byleth from Fire Emblem: Three Houses got added to Smash Bros! Being the fifth DLC fighter of the (first) challenger pack, lots and lots of people were disappointed that Master Chief or whatshisface from Minecraft got snubbed in place of the only DLC character out of the six we got so far (Piranha Plant, Joker, Dragon Quest Hero, Banjo & Kazooie, and Terry Bogard) that I honestly saw coming. Fire Emblem is pretty big in Japan and I knew that a Three Houses rep was coming as soon as the game was announced, just like Corrin was added at the tail end of the last Smash game to promote that new FE game.

How do they play? Well, Byleth commits the sin of being one of two Fire Emblem characters without a Counter move (the other being Robin), but otherwise they're a strong one. Their main weakness is that most of their attacks are so slow, the windup on all the specials leave you wide open to an attack, and most of the attacks stop dead in their tracks the moment you're hit. But if you can land a hit? Especially on the neutral special? Everyone's as good as dead at pretty low percentages.

Oh, and a Cuphead Mii Fighter skin was added, so you can have him fight the Sans costume.

What a time to be alive.

The Good Place ended and I was not ready for it. It was pretty emotional, but also an incredibly satisfying sendoff.

A special Animal Crossing: New Horizons Switch was announced! I was not prepared for how this news would break twitter, it's been hyped for so long.

And then everyone got mad when it turned out it doesn't even come with the game already installed like every other special edition Switch bundle out there.

Crisis on Infinite Earths finally concluded and I have to say they stuck the landing. It's honestly much harder to list what DIDN'T get a shout out here. All we know is that Arrow is dead for good, we got to see a Giant Beebo again, Movie Flash met TV Flash, we got a preview for a live-action Superfriends, and the Arrowverse shows all take place on the same Earth now. Which gets kinda confusing when you realize that includes Black Lightning, and that show is heavy as hell. Aside from some exposition in the first Post-Crisis episode, seems like nothing much changed there.

And finally, that Dolly Parton meme was going around and I had to make one for the ultimate sex symbol: Hans Moleman.

And here's one I made for Moe:

Somehow that one got more traction than the Moleman one.

That'll do it for this month, folks! Hard to believe this blog turns 12 next month!

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