Saturday, August 31, 2019

#AuGHOST 2019!

It's August once and again, and that meant my twitter buddy Sommerjam along with David Pietandrea brought back AuGHOST!

For those that weren't aware, it's one of those monthly drawing themes, but this one's about ghosts! I did this last year and had a bunch of fun doing it, so naturally I got in on the act this year, too!

Once again I've collected all 31 drawings into one convenient post! Have my drawing skills improved in the last year? Enjoy.

1) Lock 

It's the Wow Ghost from last year, but he's in jail?! Only his lawyer can say why (who in my head is Ghost Matlock)

2) Aquatic

Also returning from last year is the Massive Ghost. But he seems to be sleeping with the fishes, with a nifty pair of cement shoes.

3) Dressed Up

This cute little bugger is all dressed up, but sadly nowhere to go. That's (after)life for you.

4) Robot

You knocked its block off! My inspiration for this was a Rock'em Sock'em Robot.

Yeah, pay no attention to the crudely drawn fists.

5) Fall

Skydiving is a type of falling, right? He's falling with style.

6) Hollow

Ghost innabottle! I really liked how this one came out.

7) Hatchet

I don't really trust that hatchet, you guys. (for one, I don't really like how I drew it)

8) Fabulous

For whatever reason, my mind went to "Wilma Flintstone" for this prompt. Yes, bishie sparkles and everything.

9) Pop

Top ten pictures drawn before disaster. For some reason a few people thought this balloon ghost looked like a tampon. Have...have those guys ever SEEN a tampon? I'm guessing no.

10) Chicken 

This ghost is in a ten piece bucket of trouble. I couldn't find my black pen that day, so switched to the blue pen and wasn't a fan of how it came out. 

Yes folks, you might've have noticed I started to branch out into other colors this time around. First blue, then red. I tried inking these pictures with red pens, but didn't like how it showed up. Here's the original version of this drawing:

Yeah, looked just as crude, when what I really wanted was some solid shading. So a pretty long trip to Michaels and I came out with the perfect red marker for these drawings. You'll see more of it later.

11) Wound

Uh-oh, Hatchet Ghost had a little accident. Also, yay, I managed to get a draw a hatchet better this time.

12) Damaged

What are the odds? Now he's lost both his arms. And quite bloody, I might add.

13) Stone

"Can I get a HELL YEAH?!" Ghost Stone Cold Steve Austin was one of my favorite drawings this year.

14) Hack

Another one of my favorites this time. He's even got a mullet like many 80s comics had. My backstory is that he died on stage, doomed to performing hacky material for the rest of eternity.

15) Cat

Once again Hatchet Ghost had some bad luck, now a cat scratched him in the face. I'd be sad at myself at how I drew that cat, but I realized that medieval artists weren't that much better.

16) Seance

I didn't really know how to draw a proper seance, so here's a ghost looking in a crystal ball.

17) Bury

Over the course of the month, Hatchet Ghost went from crude ghost drawing to my version of Rickety Cricket. Now on top of losing his limbs, he's missing an eye and has a few scars.

No, I have no idea how he did all this without arms.

18) Cool

Ice cream time! Not a big fan of how I drew the ice cream, but here ya go.

19) Dreamy

I can't believe it...Wow Ghost is on the cover of a magazine!

In case you can't read it, it says "(Dead) People Sexiest Ghost (Not) Alive!"

20) Deceive

Yeah, that's totally not magazine cover model Wow Ghost. That's supposed to be a mustache, and not a mouth.

21) Trap

On top of everything, now Hatchet Ghost is getting sucked into my drawing of the classic Ghostbusters Ghost Trap.

22) Holy

"Do you like doing a drawing every day?" Is the Ghost Pope catholic?

23) Serve

(Gasp) It's a cookbook! This is my little tribute to this classic Simpsons gag (which in itself was referencing the Twilight Zone)

24) Kidnap

The Wow Ghost went missing?! Well, like "Seance," I didn't exactly know how to draw a kidnapping, so I drew the aftermath of it.

25) Mine

You work 16 tons and what do you get?

...I don't know what ghosts would mine, but this one's been a bit busy.

26) Smart

"Well I sure hope I'll do better next weekend on the Price is Right (ight ight)"

Here's my tribute to Weird Al's classic "I Lost on Jeopardy" video, with a little cameo from "Jeopardy" James Holzhauer tossed in for good measure.

27) Land

Aww, a polaroid of a ghost wearing Mickey ears. So many memories.

28) Lost

Maybe he shoulda taken that left turn at Albuquerque?

29) Bolt

Ghost Thor! I think I nailed the hammer and the lightning hitting it, the rest of the drawing...not so much. I based him off how Thor looked in Endgame, with the epic beard.

30) Sink

Huh, I wonder where that ghost in the "Lost" drawing went? He dropped his map, and his hat fell onto that quicksand.

31) Deadline

And so we reach the end. Here's all my favorite ghosts all in a row, waiting for...something.

Hatchet Ghost's been in a few more scrapes since we last saw him, and I liked having the chance to redraw Ghost Pope. He looks a bit more sinister this time.

Well, I hope you enjoyed these drawings! And be sure to check out the drawings done by other artists on Twitter and Instagram under the "AuGHOST" and "AuGHOST2019" tags. They're quite good. I'm gonna go take a nap.

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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Funko Stuff!

Well folks, San Diego Comic Con has come and gone once again. Stuff got announced, people cosplayed as cool things, and Funko released more exclusive Pops.

This was the complete set of this year's pops and other stuff. Gonna admit, I was pretty relieved that there weren't a lot of pops I wanted this time around. I've said before that I've pretty much run out of room to store much of anything, so I've become really picky about what I pick up.

In past years, I wouldn't have passed up an orange Conan O'Brien, or went out of my way to grab a Man-Thing pop from Entertainment Earth. I really wish that Pez mascot wasn't a Toy Tokyo exclusive, looks like it's eBay's problem now. And really, I didn't care about the Louie Bloo Otter Pop until it was only limited to 1000 of them.

But here I'll show you what I DID pick up!

Of course it was obvious that I'd nab the Kang & Kodos two pack from GamesStop. Turns out that this was one of those rare times where it was shortpacked, because for some reason stores ended up getting less than 3 of them, if at all. I checked five stores and came up empty handed, but luckily my friend Steve was able to pick up the last one at his local store in the mall.

They're pretty impressive up close. They're slightly bigger than most normal pops, plus they glow in the dark!

These were the Funko shop exclusives. You might remember last year that I managed to snag the Banana Splits set in a stroke of dumb luck. This year Funko got much better about announcing releases in advance so I was more than ready this time. I also may have underestimated the popularity of a few characters. HR Pufnstuf and the SDCC Toucan sold out immediately, but as of writing this, Sigmund is still available.

Being a fan of Sid & Marty Krofft, I had to pick these up. The SDCC Toucan seems to be the convention's mascot, and far be it from me to miss out on yet another ad icon pop.

I really like the details on the HR Pufnstuf pop, like that Mayor badge, and that he's holding the golden flute.

Sigmund is quite cute close up.

The pictures don't do it justice, they're pretty impressive looking.

Oh! And this is probably the more impressive pickup: The Freddy Funko Box o Fun from Fundays. What's Fundays, you ask? Well, it's more or less a party Funko holds every year during SDCC for its most diehard fans and/or resellers. Everyone there gets lots of Funko pops with low production runs (like 24 and 48 pieces total. I've seen 12), prototypes (literally one of a kind), and all kinds of cool stuff. For the second year in a row, Funko decided to be generous and put out a mystery box of nine possible pops that are exclusive to this box.

This year was Tiki party themed, so that explains the two Tiki characters (which are variants of pops given at Fundays this year), plus Surfing Freddy. Batman & Joker's were variants of these two pops:

Yes, these are pops of Batman and Joker from that one episode of the Adam West series where they went surfing.

I've seen that episode and trust me when I say it's gloriously stupid. It's season 3, so it's very cheap and ridiculous, but it's a must see

As for the rest, we have Rick w/Portal Gun and Toxic Rick from Rick & Morty, Chucky, and Mer-Man from Masters of The Universe. Don't ask me why, I don't pick who gets the Malibu Stacy with New Hat treatment.

Here's what it looks like from the back. Everyone at Fundays got one, and last year was the first time Funko extended this gift to the regular folks like me. They sell out lightning quick, too, and you had to basically watch your computer to know when the orders went live.

I would've bought the one they had last year, too, but again, buying the Banana Splits pops were enough for me. And frankly, I liked this year's crop better.

This was my haul: Surfing Batman, Surfing Joker, and Portal Gun Rick.

Here's Rick up close. There's already a Rick Freddy Funko that was given out at a past Fundays, but this is the first one with the portal gun.

All in all, these were the exact three I wanted, so this was $50 and change well spent if you ask me. I've brought up in past posts that I've been having oddly good luck with mystery boxes in the past year, and it turns out this time was no different. Will my luck ever run out? Stay tuned!

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