Saturday, June 28, 2008

Y? Because I do!

So it's come down to this: The Penultimate Letter of the Alphabet.

Y is known as a "Sometimes Vowel." I think that we, as Americans, have become obese on the overuse of the vowel. So now the Y Muppet is singing to us that "Y" must be a "Sometimes Vowel," while encouraging us to use the "Anytime Vowels" like U, I, and even A. Sad, I know, but that's how trends work, I guess. I miss the 90's, when we didn't have "Sometimes" and "Anytime" Vowels. I blame the overdose that killed off Forgetful Jones. He never did remember how much was a safe dose...

With that being said, here are some words that start with Y.

Youtube: One of the best sites ever until roughly around the winter of 2005. It was when SNL aired "Lazy Sunday" and had everyone clamoring to watch it millions of times. This caught the attention of NBC, who discovered that "hey, everyone's watching videos of all our hit shows! Let's complain so they'll remove each and every one of them!"

So thus began the first of several "Youtube Purges." Now most of the great vids are either in 5-second snippets, or have "Numa Numa" spliced within any actual footage, as well as the rise of some weird phenomenon known only as "Youtube Poop." Stay classy, Youtube.

Although these purges haven't stopped people from uploading full episodes of Freakazoid & MST3K. Thank FSM that the creators of those shows are pretty cool about having those episodes on there.

But no matter how sucky the site has become, the appeal to become the next "Youtube Hit" remains. Sadly, I am one of those people who have that on my Bucket List. It's always the idea that I can't come up with, but then again, most of the more noteworthy Viral Videos happened on accident, like this classic:

The great Afro Ninja has yet to to fail to crack me up. It's a shame that 18 seconds is all we saw of him. But thanks to Weezer, we saw more of his awesomeness.

You might have noticed that a majority of all embedded videos on here (or anywhere else) is via Youtube. It's with great reason, as it's easy, not ad-riddled, and one of the first video sites to actually do this. Eight years ago, I would've scoffed at the possibility of being able to watch actual videos of shows on the internet, let alone be able to embed them to sites & blogs like this one. Not to mention what a "blog" was.

Yesterday: When this entry was actually written. Yes, to get these entries up in the morning, I have written all of these "Things That Start With ___" entries a day in advance, as opposed to posting whenever I was finished with a blog. It was easier back at the start of this little project, as I would start an entry at school, and then come back home to finish it here. But since my summer class ended, I went back to the "save it for the last minute of the day" mentality that I have for any of my projects.

I seriously think that my creativity falters around the 1am mark, but apparently I keep hearing good feedback. I personally think that the inital A entry was one of my best, as I didn't really force myself to think of subjects.

Young Frankenstein: Back in the S Entry, I was receiving demands to cover this 1974 Mel Brooks classic as well.

I must make a confession to my 5 readers who press F5 300 times: I have never seen this movie from beginning to end. Oh yes, I've seen snippets of it, all the good parts, but I've never seen the movie in its entirety. It's not that I don't understand its awesomeness, I do. Peter Boyle, Gene Wilder, Marty Feldman, Teri Garr, Madeline Kahn, Cloris Leachman, and Kenneth Mars. All superstars in their own rights, with all of them being flat-out great.

Whenever I do find it on TV (usually Comedy Central), it seems that I always stumble upon this part:

Not that I'm complaining, it's one of the funniest things I've ever seen in a movie. Imagine in a serious-ish monster movie, it's all about the horror and rolling in the hay, and suddenly THIS comes right out of nowhere. I can do a great imitation of Peter Boyle singing his parts to this song, but only my cat knows this right now.

And now, here are some words where Y is the Sometimes Vowel:


See you tomorrow for Z!

Dedicated to Forgetful Jones, 1979-1992. May someone remember You.

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Anonymous said...

We got to watch that clip in band when we played Putting on the Ritz! Twas awesome.

Ah, F5. My bestest friend. Can't believe we're all the way to Y already!