Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My "O" Face

I just realized something: We've passed the halfway point in this 26-Part series! M was the 13th letter and that was back on Monday. Almost there people!

We now come to the 15th letter of our 26 letter series: The Fightin' O! Here are some things that start with O.

Omicron: Also a fifteenth letter! But it's in the Greek Alphabet, and it's also the longest sounding letter in it. Why is this one significant? It's the class that I pledged my fraternity in. I've already covered the name of my frat, and where my nickname comes from, but not my specific pledge class. When someone pledges a fraternity, their entire group of people that they pledge with is their class. Usually meeting as complete strangers, they eventually become brothers. I'll admit that during the first few hours when I was told this, I didn't believe it. When it was all over, the other 7 guys that I pledged with are definite brothers until the end.

It always reminds me of Omicron Persei 8 from Futurama. It's this planet filled with warmongering aliens that live 1000 light years away from Earth. When we're in the year 3000, tv signals from the year 1999 would have just reached there. When the season finale of a popular Ally McBeal-like show is interrupted and lost forever, the Omicronians act and invade Earth to destroy it until they see the rest of the episode.

I've also seen some significance in my own life. Omicron = Name of Pledge Class. P = Pledge Class. 8 = Number of guys in my Pledge Class.

Orange: My favorite color. Seems less cliche than other favorite colors like "Blue" or "Green." I've always wondered: Did they name the fruit "Orange" after the color, or vice-versa? I always like to imagine how some things were named. The Orange is a great example. Let's say two explorers, the Main Adventurer and his Assistant, were in a jungle. The assistant holds up a round, orange fruit to the Main Explorer.

"Look at this fruit! What shall we name it?"
"How about Orange?"

Imagine if that same assistant then found a Tangerine.

"Here's a fruit that's orange too!"

I don't know if this was a Jim Gaffigan joke, but I like to think we share the same wavelenght sometimes.

Owls: My favorite kind of bird. My favorite breed happens to be the Barn Owl. I don't know why, I like how it looks. These are awesome predators of the night, and just look too damn cute to be scary. That's how they get you. They lure you in with their sweetness and promise of candy, and then this:

I know that I'm not the only one who had to dissect Owl Pellets in school. Made you do it as a team to know exactly what an owl ate one time all in the purpose of controlled academic environmental science. I hope it comes out in the end that I hope it is...I never did trust Snowy Owls anyway.

The infamous O RLY Owl and its ilk were hilarious and are the predecessor of the almighty lolcat. What caused the originator to put that caption on that owl pic will remain one of the Internet's many unsolved mysteries. All I know is that I've never looked at the word "orly" in the same fashion since, always erupting into giggles whenever I find that it's the answer in a crossword.

Oscar The Grouch: One of the more famous Sesame Street Muppets out there. He's green, (used to be orange!), Grouchy, and lives in a trash can. He's puppeteered by Caroll Spinney, the same guy who plays Big Bird! You can easily make the connection, as Oscar sounds like Big Bird had he aged 43 years and ate a constant diet of menthol cigarettes. One may think that he's one of the poorest slummers of Sesame Street, but his can is quite roomy and nice. It holds a pool, several rooms, his pet elephant, even an ice rink. For some reason, there's also a portal to his hometown of Grouchland. He's been known to actually step out of his can, but he usually carries it with him. One of my fondest memories of this was him ice skating to "Feliz Navidad" during the opening sequence of "Christmas Eve on Sesame Street."

He loves trash. Anything dirty, or dingy, or dusty. His love for it is enough to sing several songs dedicated to it that always seemed to involve lots of cunning Grouch prose. He certainly had the time to write it, he's lived in that same can for almost 40 years. His hates are anything clean, neat, and nice. And Elmo, especially Elmo. You can't fault him for that. He also dislikes Telly Monster, but he made Telly one of the main members of the Grouchketeers, a small group of human kids that is dedicated to worshipping him with shapes and colors. And the Number 6 with the letters O and B.

Another Oscar thing that involves Orange: His pet worm Slimey, who seems to live a far more interesting life. He was shot up into space with NASA for a brief time in the 90's to become the first worm on the moon. Whether he brought back Insect Overlords with him for Kent Brockman to bow down to is still unclear.

Oh well. That's it for today, check back tomorrow for some P goodness!

"Brian, there's a message in my Alpha-Bits! It says 'Ooooooooooo.'"
"Peter, those are Cheerios."

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DC said...

Everytime I see owls I think Of Dumb and Dumber: "Nice set of hooters you got there."

And that picture cracked me up! Seeing that owl leering at me and then reading the caption was too funny.