Saturday, June 7, 2008

D is for Lysdexia

After consideration, I've enjoyed typing these entries. I consider the associated words in each entry as "Blog Vignettes" with subjects that I'm probably not patient or creative enough to pull out into full entries, or at least not yet.

As promised, here are some things that begin with the letter D.

Dilbert: One of my favorite comic strips of all time, right behind Calvin & Hobbes and The Far Side. I came to love it when I entered the workforce and found much of the subject matter relating and hilarious. It's the reason why I'm able to see when people are being stupid, as well as why I'll never work in an office. Plus, Dogbert and Catbert are awesome. I'm currently a card-carrying member of Dogbert's New Ruling Class, an organization where every subscriber of the Dilbert Newsletter will have their lives spared when Dogbert finally takes over the world.

There was even a short-lived 30 episode animated series that aired in 1999, which was awesome. It's a cartoon that's greatly underrated and was created, and then purged during the rise & fall of Adult Primetime Cartoon Shows on network tv in the late 90s. More on this subject in the future.

Here is a recent comic that I actually found to be so great that I cut it out of the newspaper:

I don't know about you, but I love the phrase "bag of nothing."

Dan's Corner of The Internet: A blogger friend of mine and a fellow regular at X-E. His blog is filled with an odd mishmash of subjects carried by his own geekish insight. One of my favorite details is his Blogroll (the list of blogs on the right margin), where a funny description of each link pops up when you highlight it. He has the distinction of giving my favorite description for this blog: "Don't ask questions, just click and go read." I highly recommend doing so.

Doughnuts: Is there anything they can't do? Another blogger friend DC had informed me yesterday that it was National Doughnut Day! I keep missing out on these events, so I was ecstatic that I managed to be informed on time for this one. I rarely eat doughnuts, but when I do...delicious. One of my favorites is Strawberry Glazed, which was entirely special during my high school years, as it was the rarest and most sought after of doughnut. Whenever someone gave out Dunkin Donuts, there were usually two of them in a spread of at least 30, and they were usually both gone by the time the box came to me. So when I finally managed to grab one, I made that bitch last.

My other favorite is Bavarian Creme, that hole-less powdered donut with the deliciously sweet cream filling. Whenever I need a burst of energy, I bite into one of these things and it does its job. You should have seen the look on my face when I realized that there are Bavarian Creme Munchkins too! And before you ask: No, Boston Creme is not the same thing. If you give me one of those, you better start running, boy.

Deep-Fried Broccoli: As strange as it may sound, deep-frying is the only way I'll eat broccoli. I don't know why, but it just tastes great, and non-deep frying just won't cut it. It all began years ago during my weekly Saturday Night Diner Dinners with my family. You see, before I didn't want to be seen in public with my parents, Saturday used to be the one day of the week that my parents and I were all home and went out for dinner. One of our main places to go was a local diner, which had great diner food, and inspired my love of Diners. We stopped going there a few years back when it got new owners, despite keeping most of the food the same.
Back in the day, whenever someone ordered an entree that wasn't a burger, they got an appetizer of sorts of deep-fried broccoli. It may have been the breading that they used to coat it, but it tasted fantastic. I had tried to duplicate the flavor not long after they had stopped giving it out, but to no avail. I can still imagine what it tastes like at this very moment, a strange memory effect that also allows me to remember the taste of TMNT Pudding Pies. I should work on perfecting a new recipe for the stuff, I want to eat it again.

Delta Psi Omega: The name of the fraternity that I belong to. I pledged in the spring of 2005 and I have not regretted a minute of it. I will admit that by doing so, it has saved my life in a way. Back during my freshman semester, I was on a real depressive tear. I had only one friend in college, everyone I knew before then had gone off to other things, and some events occurred where I had felt a deep sense of betrayal. Had I not ended up pledging, I would not know where I'd be right now. I do have a great sense of Brotherhood, with my only regret being that I'm not as outgoing or helpful as I'd like to be. Maybe I'll take that class with Wally.

As for stereotypes about Frats? Yes, I know them all, but most of them are not true. Yes, some of them are and every fraternity has brothers who are living Stereotypes, but they're just the tip of the iceberg in terms of diversity. You see past these things and you find that each of them have their own lives, their own problems, their own awesome experiences, their definition of "Brotherhood," their own wishes to leave their college and this world better than how they found it. Not all of us are beer-bong guzzling, screw-em-and-leave-em, beer ponging douchebags, especially with me. I'm bad at beer pong.

(As of this entry, both Dan & DC's blogs are added to the links list! I just wanted to wait until D-Day...which was yesterday)


JoshC said...

The Dilbert cartoon was on the air here well into 2003 on one of the specialty cartoon networks, kinda like the cartoon network.
I loved it, but as you said it was way underated.
I'd like to try deep fried broccoli someday, maybe the same day I try a deep fried mars bar, yep they do that.
Great post, can't wait to see what you come up with for Q, why? you ask?
I just think that ones gonna be difficult.

Dan said...

I have a smile on my face that just won't go away! Thanks for the mention, that made my day! I have a confession to make though, the comments aren't limited to just the blogroll, if you hover over most of the links in my entries I've left comments there too. Oh and thanks for linking to me!

Galileo said...

I've noticed.

DC said...

Thanks for the add! I guess D-Day is a good day to be added. I like your interpretation on the DC. :)

Review the World said...

deep-fried broccolie? - that sounds AMAZING.. - TGI Fridays does deep-friend green beans.. and Hooters does deep-fried dill pickles that are tasty..

Jason said...

D is for lysdexia. I remember that from the Retarded Baby Animals cartoon on Ebaum's world, years ago. AWESOME!!