Saturday, June 14, 2008

Soundtracks For Summer: Kokomo

Part 4 in my "Soundtracks For Summer" Series.

Since it's K day, let's get this series kick-started again with the great "K" song Kokomo.

Recorded by the Beach Boys in 1988 for the movie "Cocktail," this song shows that these Beach bumming heartthrobs from the '60s still had some spunk left in them.

You might wonder why they would want to travel to relax in a small town in Indiana, but as it turns out that Kokomo is actually a tiny island in the Caribbean that was named after the town. The confusion may have arisen due to the fact that the island is now known as Sandals Cay, where its only major amenities are a Thai restaurant and a jacuzzi. Of a somewhat smaller note, Kokomo, Indiana is the hometown of Danny, the protagonist from the movie "Cats Don't Dance." (who else saw this one besides me? Raise your hands so I can see them.)

This song simply screams of "RELAX!!" (not to be confused with the actual song "Relax"), and I've always imagined laying in a hammock with some kind of fruity drink in my hand while this song plays. Why, a great memory I have of this song was watching the Sea Lions in front of the Atlantis Marine World Aquarium here on Long Island while "Kokomo" was blasting through the speakers. Sadly, since this song's dulcet tones also evoke some romanticism, I shed a tear at loves lost as I wallow in my shame and self-pity coupled with pessimism from my mom.

An element that I love about this song is the usage of Steel Drums, long regarded as one of my favorite instruments. The guy playing them is none other than a then-unknown John Stamos.


Since these Soundtracks For Summer entries seem to always have two videos in them, here is the Muppet version of Kokomo:


DC said...

Uncle Jessie was playing the drums?! Freaking awesome!

Galileo said...

Ok, I didn't realize that the first vid I had up there didn't have Stamos in it.

I changed it so the Stamos-goodness is preserved.

JoshC said...

Principal Scudworth, I think I love you.