Monday, June 30, 2008


As a little "Cap" for June, I am presenting my own little summation of my "Things That Start With __" Project.

I hope you've enjoyed reading these 26 entries as I've been enjoying writing them. I wasn't planning on doing this for 26 straight days, but then an idea struck me: Why only write about A when I can top both Doho & Dan by doing entries for the other 25? And such, the project was born.

As you could tell by some past entries, there have been times where I doubted that I could finish, and considered quitting. There were days where I had trouble thinking up words, which should not have happened. But, my stubbornness prevailed and all 26 letters have had their day in the sun, with only F, S, and V catching some major burns. I hope that D's mole isn't melanoma.

And now some stats:

My favorite entries: A, B, D, E, F, G, I, P, W and Z

Entry with the most comments (as of this writing): G, with 8

Entries with the least comments (as of this writing): L, O, T, V and Y all have 1 comment each. Get on it, peoples!

Most successful Entry: N. It got the attention of Competitive Eater "Beautiful Brian" Seiken.

Least Successful Entry: P, which was posted on June 19th, my best day ever. It didn't get a single comment until 3 days after it was posted.

Favorite Titles: D, E, G and H.

Least Favorite Titles: L & V. I couldn't think of anything funny for V's entry. Also, I'm not counting A & B's entries, which were written before I decided to come up with better titles.

Now comes the good part: What are YOUR opinions of this little garglemesh of a project?

Also, this blog is the last time that the "Letters" tag will be used. After this entry, it is officially retired.


Denise said...

I already expressed my love of regularly updated blogs, so I don't need to comment further on that. I do have one complaint however:

With all the muppet and sesame street characters being named throughout the alphabet, you didn't mention Jim Henson for J?! Preposterous.

Anyway, you did a good job on these and you should be proud. Most people (and by most I mean mainly me) would crap out at the letter F.

Anonymous said...

I'm not gonna lie. I have read only about half of these, but now I am home and going to be bored for a bit, so I will get on it!