Friday, December 16, 2011

The Christmas Prophesy: Decepticons...Deceiving?

The Story So Far... (read these first!)
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Part 7


Megatron: "Ahh, Laserbeak. What news do you have to report?"

Laserbeak: "Lord Megatron, I've infiltrated the Autobots and their band of pathetic Earthlings to find that they have two of the Keys of MacGuffin! can that be?!"

Megatron: "Oh, you weren't here for this, but Thunderwing here told us that the ones we had were all phony. $8000 in the hole for nothing."

Megatron: "But as luck would have it, that turncoat Straxus sent him to give us one of the real ones along with this Omega Lock that can track down the other keys. My plan is that we wait until the Autobots gain the last key, and THEN we swoop down and grab them for ourselves!"

Soundwave: "But Megatron, that was..."

Megatron: "You know what? You're starting to sound like someone who has one less head after speaking out of turn."

Soundwave: "...Never mind."

Laserbeak: "A beautiful bounty and an excellent plan, Lord Megatron. As I can see it, the Autobots should be getting the final key within a day or so. I can take you right to them as soon as possible."

Megatron: "Thank you, Laserbeak. You're dismissed. I like it when I have minions that are useful for something."

Megatron: "Decepticons, Laserbeak shall go on ahead, then we strike!"

Decepticons: "Yes, sir!"

Thunderwing: "Can I speak to ya for a minute, Stahscream?"

Starscream: "What is it now, Thunderwing?"

Thunderwing: "I just wanted to have a talk with ya. Ya know about Straxus, right?"

Starscream: "Of course. Did he actually give up his plans?"

Thunderwing: "No...he hasn't. The Big Boss says that he's plannin' to overthrow Megatron the next time his guard is down and he sent me to convince the rest of ya to go join us."

Starscream: "You mean...?"

Thunderwing: "Yep, new world order. It'll be awesome. No one, not even the Autobots will be able ta stand in our way!"

Starscream: "But...I could never betray Lord Megatron!"

Thunderwing: "Just because I have dis here accent don't mean I'm dumb, Stahscream. Everyone knows you talking about how you wanna replace Megatron as leader and do...other weird things to him."

Starscream: "And what do you mean by that?"

Thunderwing: "Hey, I don't care what ya wanna do with him. That's your business. But my question is: Are ya in?"

Starscream: "Ugh, pervert. I'm not into such things. But tell me this: when Straxus takes Megatron out, I'll be the new leader, right?"

Thunderwing: "Yeah...sure, whatever ya want. So are ya in?"

Starscream: "Count me in. Imagine me: Starscream, RULER OF ALL DECEPTICONS!"

Thundercraker: "Hey, what the hell's going on here?"

Thunderwing: "New world order, Thundahcracker. We're finally taking out Megatron. You have your issues with him, right? Have you ever noticed that he treats tha rest of ya like crap and takes all your ideas for himself?

Thundercracker: "Well, yeah. You have a point, but..."

Thunderwing: "So...Ya in?"

Thundercracker: "! No! Decepticons...deceiving?! I won't stand for it! I'm telling Megatron!"

Thunderwing: "Oh, that's too bad, Thundahcracker. But I don't think you'll be tellin' anyone anything."

Starscream: "Thunderwing, what the hell are you doing?!"

Thundercracker: "For once in your life Thunderwing, listen to Starscream! Just put the guns down and let's all go kill the Autobots together. We love that, right?"

Thunderwing: "We also love compliance. And evil. But you knew that already."

Thundercracker: "Yeah, I should've seen this coming."

Thunderwing: "You'll see this, though."


Thundercracker: "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!"

Thundercracker: "Now I'll never get my GQ subscriptioooooooooon!"

Starscream: "...He's not getting back up from that, is he?"

Thunderwing: "Nope."

Starscream: "For the record, I already told you I'm in for this New World Order thing."


Starscream: "Lord Megatron! Well, I, uhh..."

Thunderwing: "We caught Thundahcracker planning a mutiny, so I shot him down that huge pit that you guys have here."

Megatron: "Ugh, seriously? Honestly, between Straxus, Starscream, and now Thundercracker it's hard to find anyone around here who ISN'T planning a mutiny around here."

: "To be honest, it was getting confusing with two Decepticons with "thunder" in their name running around here. So good job, Thunderwing."

Megatron: "But stop your dillydallying you two, the Omega Lock has activated and is pointing towards the final key! We leave at once! Transform and follow me!"

Thunderwing & Starscream: "Yes, Lord Megatron!"


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