Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Doctor Whosday: Regeneration

Sorry folks, but this week's entry is gonna be a quickie. Currently suffering from the One Day Plague and all that. Thank goodness I only have one heart or else I'd be a goner.

But with that out of the way: You remember back in the first Doctor Whosday entry where I talked about regeneration, yes? That it's the oh-so-convenient way of replacing actors, which viewers everywhere learned to accept because the concept is so awesome. When someone dies, they just turn into someone else. There's hardly any argument that this isn't awesome, right? The previous personality technically dies because it's replaced by a new one, but I still love the concept.

Anyhoo, here's a video showing all of the regenerations that The Doctor went through.

Until New Who came along and standardized it, regeneration occurred differently with each Doctor. The First Doctor's regeneration paved the way for the current method, with the new actor's body superimposed onto their predecessor until the new guy is wearing the other's clothes. The Second Doctor was simply forced to change his appearance somehow after being sentenced in a trial by other time lords, the Fourth Doctor had the Fifth appear as a spirit inhabiting his body and turned him into a bar of soap until the new body came around, and the Eight Doctor regenerated into Ninth due to bad business practices.

See ya next time, folks!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nice video. I gotta admit the transition from 10 to 11 was the most emotional for me. Aside from Tom Baker David Tennant is my favorite Doctor and watching him leave the show was tough.