Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Christmas Prophesy: The Map

The Story So Far... (read these first!)
Part 1
Part 2


Shyguy: "Gentlemen. The name's Shyguy. I couldn't help but eavesdrop on your conversation earlier. That's a scary prophesy, and it just so happens that I came across this map detailing the whereabouts of the Keys of MacGuffin."

Dennis: "So you really do have a map?"

Shyguy: "Sure do, lemme just pick it outta my pocket."

Shyguy: "This should be the one. I'm not sure how it works, it only points the way to one of the keys. If you're like me and know your video games, the directions to the next key should appear on it once you get the first one."

Merv: "You might be onta somethin' here."

Dennis: "But what's the catch, Shyguy? There's usually a catch when someone gives us something for free."

Shyguy: "Oh, no catch. I just wanted to be helpful."

Kirby: "Where'd you get this from, anyway?"

Shyguy: "That's not important right now. What matters is that it's now in your hand."

: "Sir, is it safe to trust this guy?"

Optimus: "He's a strange little man that we've never seen before wearing a mask that knows all about this prophesy we found out about two weeks ago. Of course we can!"

: "I dunno, Prime, he's a little red guy, the prophesy might be onto something with all that doom it foretold us about."

: "Nonsense, we have nothing to worry about! Isn't that right, Shyguy?"

: "Totally legit."

Optimus: See, I told you!

Optimus: "Perceptor, analyze this map and whatever else you can."

Perceptor: "On it, sir!"

Optimus: "We can't thank you enough, Shyguy. How'd you like to join the team? There's five Autobots, and five of you little Earth creatures! Everyone gets a partner!"

Shyguy: "I thank you for the offer, Optimus Prime, but I really must be going. Gotta start setting up for Christmas and all that. It's only a month away!"

: "Oh by the way...I hear the Decepticons know about this prophesy too, and have a map just like this one. But you didn't hear this from me."



Optimus: "Neat."


Seaspray: "...How'd that guy know who Optimus was?"

Kirby: "And how did he know the Decepticons have a map, too?"

Optimus: "Vector Sigma, it must've been that bastard Laserbeak!"

Dennis: "L-Laserbeak?"

Prowl: "Laserbeak's this awful bird thing that Megatron uses to spy on us. It's a master of disguise and it lets the Decepticons know just what we're up to. It likes to spy on Arcee, but I don't blame it."

Arcee: "Hey!"

Prowl: "I'm just saying..."

Dennis: "I don't like this one bit, gang."

Merv: "I just want Christmas saved."

Clapboard: "The goomba's right guys, we need to get our act in gear if we want to save Christmas and help rid the world of myself!"

Perceptor: "That 'man in red' point of the prophesy could mean anything: Optimus, myself, even that person the Earthlings call Santa Claus. From what I've heard, he wears a lot of red and drinks soda when he delivers toys to all the children on Christmas Eve."

Merv: "And he drives an electric razor, don't forget that."

Optimus: "If doom should happen to this...Santa Claus, I wouldn't be able to live with myself, Autobots. We need to send a team immediately to find and protect him."

Optimus: "Where does Santa Claus live, anyway?"

Kirby: "The North Pole, but that's about a thousand miles from here, not to mention covered in ice."

Optimus: "Then it's settled. Kirby, take Seaspray to find Santa Claus and inform him of the danger he might be in. The rest of us will look for the keys."

Kirby: " want us to drive to the North Pole? To find someone who we're not sure even exists? And come back within a month?"

Optimus: "You got it!"

Seaspray: "Great, send the guy who can't transform to go on the dangerous mission with the puffball."

Kirby: "Hey, at least you have me and your water abilities. We'll actually be useful for once."

Seaspray: "I guess you're right. You can count on us, Optimus!"

Optimus: "Then it's settled. We must roll out and search for the first key immediately or else the Macy's Parade will be ruined for us all!"

Dennis: "Christmas, Optimus."

: "I know what I said, Grapple."



Starscream: "I hope that accursed map of yours hasn't gotten us lost, Lord Megatron!"

Megatron: "Patience, Starscream. According to this map, the first key should be near a strange-looking monument that's within a few yards of here."

Megatron: "I believe the Earthlings call it...a question mark."

Starscream: "Balderdash!"


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Tresjolie9 said...

Love the new characters you have going in this. I also like the way you are mixing in obscure Nintendo characters. You have Goombah, I think that is what those things were, Kirby, and "Shyguy" who I think I remember from Super Mario 2.