Friday, November 11, 2011

The Christmas Prophesy: 11/11/11!


On the 11th Day of The 11th Month of The 11th Year:

There comes a warning:

On the eve of the 25th Day of the 12th Month of
The 11th Year, the day shall fall and darkness rise.

Doom will come the man in red, the hero so wise.

Unless The Keys are found, All Shall Die.

Kirby: Dang. What do you suppose this is all about, guys?

Dennis: I don't know, Kirby. This paper just showed up here earlier. I thought someone was littering until I actually read it.

Merv: Whoever the hell it was, they need better handwriting.

Optimus: And this warning talked about a "man in red." That...can't be me, can it? I'm wise...right?

Optimus: ...RIGHT?!

Dennis: But look at the date. "The eve of the 25th Day of the 12th month." That's Christmas, Optimus.

Clapboard: That has to be talking about Santa Claus.

Optimus: Oh, you mean that fat wrestler I killed a couple of years ago?

Dennis: No, that was Thanksgiving. I still have those holes in my carpet, by the way.

Merv: Christmas was when you told us that the holiday was about Optimus Christ being sacrificed to Unicron. Then you drank all my eggnog.

Optimus: You'd think I'd remember something like that. But that isn't here nor there.

Optimus: No matter WHO this "man in red" is, we must find him, or else Christmas will be ruined! Again!

Kirby: This thing also talks about "keys." Now WHAT keys is this thing talking about?

Merv: We seriously need to find better written prophesies.

Optimus: I believe it's referring to the Keys of MacGuffin, four legendary keys said to hold the secrets of the universe or something. If we find them, then the rest of the world will probably save itself.

Dennis: Yeah, the world's probably doomed. Again. I move in favor of "go about our daily business and leave this to someone else."

Dennis, Merv, Kirby, Clapboard: AYE!

Optimus: Hmm...don't let democracy win just yet, Autobots. Let me gather some reinforcements, and I'll get back to y'all in a week or so. I just hope Megatron isn't behind this.

Dennis: Optimus, I think I've been through enough of these "adventures" to know that Megatron is probably not cunning enough to leave a warning about a "destroy the world on Christmas" plot.

Optimus: Even so, Cosmos, we can't let this information get into his hands! I must roll out at once!

Clapboard: While we're on the subject guys, anyone else have that "I'm being watched" feeling?

Optimus: Nah, you're going crazy.

Laserbeak: Hmm...a prophesy of doom and macguffins. I must inform Lord Megatron at once!


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Scott said...

I am a big transformers fan. Its cool to see Optimus in something creative. Looking forward to what come next.

Jason said...

I love when you do posts like this. Dennis is awesome. He makes me want to open up my Bob-omb/Para-Goomba figures. Can't wait to see what's next.

Tresjolie9 said...

Lol, this is turning out to be fun, will be reading more even though I've never been a Transformers fan, spent those years watching My Little Pony!