Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Doctor Whosday: Last Doctor Whosday of 2011!

Yes, you heard it here folks, this is most likely the last edition of Doctor Whosday of 2011. December is just two days away, and that means Christmas Christmas Christmas. I'll be busy with what's left of the ongoing Dennis story "The Christmas Prophesy" (if any of you can think of a better name, do not hesitate to let me know) to make time for the good Doctor. Also of note is that tomorrow I start a seasonal job! It'll just be for December and it gives my weekends off so I don't know how MUCH time I'll be away from here.

But fear not, readers; I DO have plans for Tuesday entries! If you guys remember my Better Know A Christmas entries from the past two years (where I talk about Christmas traditions from around the world), I'll be restarting that in Doctor Whosday's place for next month. If anyone has any ideas for that series, feel free to let me know!

Maybe I'll post a review of this year's Doctor Who Christmas Special (airing 9pm Christmas Day on BBCAmerica), but until then here's a workout video:

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