Monday, October 31, 2011

A Halloween Treat

It's Halloween, and I figured that I shouldn't disappoint you all by showing something spooky!

Today we have a triple feature for you all. First up, a short. From 1952, it's the classic Donald Duck cartoon "Trick or Treat."

Next we have a classic commercial from Halloween III: Season of the Witch. Be sure to wear your Silver Shamrock mask while watching!

And finally, we come to the main attraction. Feast your eyes on the scariest film I've ever seen: MANOS, THE HANDS OF FATE.

What's that? You'll be just fine with Joel, Servo, and Crow on your side? Well, you're in luck! Through the magic of Youtube, I discovered the full movie...UN-RIFFED.


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1 comment:

cuteordeath said...

hehe, I was just watching the Donald Duck one last night. He's such an asshole!