Sunday, May 4, 2008

To-Do List For Summer

Well, finals are almost over for me, so that means one thing: Summer's Coming!

I've got a 3 1/2 month break from school, and I've decided to write up a To-Do List for Summer.

I made one last year and I managed to complete 10 out of the 11 points on the list. The one I didn't get to was watching DVDs I hadn't watched yet (there's at least 1 I still haven't gotten to!)

Here's what I want to do this summer:

1) Watch the following DVDs I haven't gotten to yet: Ren & Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon, Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie Film For Trailers, American Dad Vol 2.
2) See the folllowing movies: Iron Man, Speed Racer, Dark Night, Wall-E. Those are definites.
3) Finish reading "The Time Machine Did It"
4) Buy & Read "The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy" (at least the first book)
5) Team Trip to White Castle! Yes, we must invade as a group once again!
6) Team Trip to a Buffet! Want to do this again.
7) Go back to NYC. I still want to do the NBC Studio Tour, and to see a taping of Conan before he moves to LA.
8) Go to an Amusement Park. I want to go back to Great Adventure at least once this year, damnit!
9) Hang out with my friends & frat bros. This will hopefully happen, preferrably in #s 5 & 6.
10) Blog some more. Oh, yes, I have a few things planned. I've got one planned about Brawl, one on the Museum of Natural History expedition I went on last week, and, of course, the other 4 parts of my "Top 50 Animated Villains" list.

Here's hoping I complete all of them this time!


Guise said...

Wanted to put forward my good luck wishes on your summer plans!

I don't know if White Castle is something I should wish was over here or not, but I am still slightly envious.

Of course, we have plenty of grey castles, oodles of them, but they tend to only offer cream tea and scones during summer...and they aren't part of a chain. Well, except for the portcullis, obviously.

Iron Man rocks a damn lot and is very much a film to make you itch for the next Bats film.

As for DVDs, I bought season one and two of X-Files on special offer a couple of years back now, they are still in the plastic wrap, next to a whole load I haven't touched. Best of luck fitting the DVD watching in

Dio said...

Heh. Brawl. ^____^

Yeah. I bought Casino Royale when it came out and I still haven't seen it. W00t.

kristiane said...

I have never taken my son to a White Castle before, but his daycare went at one point. He told me he never wanted to go again. His reason? "The burgers are wet." I think he meant soggy.

I hope you are going for something other than the food.