Thursday, May 22, 2008

Shikka, Shikka, Ka-boom!

I don't know what the hell is going on with the weather on Long Island this past week.

Literally, since last thursday, the days have been alternating between Sunny & Hot, and Raining & Cold.

And then there was today. It started out Cloudy, and then it got really cloudy and cold, and then it downpoured for 10 minutes, and then it got sunny and warm again. And right now, as I look out my window, it's nothing but clear, dark skies.

Also, since it's Memorial Day Weekend, it's time for Jones Beach's annual "Lets Get The Blue Angels To Scare The Fuck Out Of The Townsfolk For 5 Days" Festival. Whee.

It's May...but it doesn't feel like May. To paraphrase Lewis Black, I believe that New York does indeed go through the Five Seasons: 50, 32, 67, 12, 85. Sometimes this happens in the span of a week. Why, I remember a few years back where one day I was lounging about the pool, and then a snowstorm covered the whole neighborhood, and then the day after that, all the leaves fell off the tree. And for some reason, the day after that one was perfect beach weather. I think it's Martians.

Or Martins. You can never trust a roaming gang of Martins...with their similar names, and Docs named after them.

(PS: Five Blog Dollars™ to anyone who knows what this entry's title is referencing!)

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