Friday, May 16, 2008

20 Things Older Than John McCain

I'm not one to get political, but after seeing the blog Things Younger Than John McCain, I could not help myself with making this entry. Sure, he's got a lot of entries on stuff that's younger than John McCain, but the man is almost 72 (Born August 29, 1936)...I bet I can find 20 things that are older than he is.

1) White Castle (1921)

2) Mickey Mouse (1928)

3) Bob Dole (1923), former Republican Presidental Candidate who was actually 73 in 1996 when he ran. No surprise that his age was made fun of as well (At least McCain looks pretty damn good for 72)

4) Ralph Nader (1934), Third Party Candidate who pretty much made the 2000 election called by a coin toss. Also, since he's also running this time, he's actually our oldest Presidential Candidate, but McCain is the only one out of the two of them that actually has a chance.

5) The State of New Mexico (1912)

6) His Home State of Arizona (1912)

7) Cedar Point (1870)

8) Hershey's Kisses (1907)

9) The Titanic Sinking (1912)

10) St. Joseph's College (1916), where I'm currently going to college.

11) World War I (1912)

12) The Ice Cream Cone (1904)

13) The First Academy Awards Ceremony (1929)

14) Henry Kissinger (1923)

15) The First Winter Olympic Games (1924)

16) Crayola Crayons (1903)

17) The Telephone (Bell's Patent 1875)

18) The Bicycle (1818)

19) The Grand Canyon (Millions of years ago)

20) Earth (either 6000 years or 4 billion years BC, depending on which museum you visit)

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