Friday, May 16, 2008

My Take On Iron Man...

THAT is how you should do a Superhero movie!

That is all.

(And Sam Jackson better be reprising Nick Fury...)

EDIT: It seems that 3 lines isn't enough for some people. Here's some other stuff on what I thought about the movie:

-It's Two Hours of Gun Porn. And a brief glimpse of PG-13 porn with some random hot girl in panties & then totally nude. Gweneth Palthrow didn't look too bad either. As a man I say "Yes."

-I'll admit, out of all the other Superhero movies I've seen, I had absolutely nothing on Iron Man's origin, so I was able to see it with new eyes, and not know how much it was bastardized. As it turns out, it's pretty awesome. The only major change from the comics it seemed was that the guy who builds Iron Monger (Jeff Bridges's character) was a business rival in the comics, and he's Tony Stark's effing father figure/business partner in the movie. Also, the first of Stark's electromagnets keeping him alive didn't need daily recharging.

-The obligatory Stan Lee cameo was funny. I believe that in his world...Stan Lee IS Hef.

-It was weird seeing "The Dude" totally bald, even moreso than the fact that he played the villain.

-Not only do we have foreshadowing of The Avengers movie, there's also the good chance we'll be seeing War Machine and Freak in future movies.

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