Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Just For Kicks

As a little experiment I'd like to do, here are some random phrases that I just thought up in order to see if I can get this blog in as many random Google searches as possible.

Mustard Yellow Pinkjam
Red Schnapps Jubilee
Arkansas Primary Results
The Cat is over!
Blog for free
Carmen Electra Miley Cyrus Chocolate Pudding
Memorial Day SuperSale
Free Candy Canes
Sexy Bras
Get Coupons, Click now!
The Greatest Slice of Cheese Ever Made
Blue Ones
Bobby Flay
Neils Bohr
Red State Blue State
Alton Brown News
This is a great time to buy carpet
Calvin's Back
cheese monkey
free breast poppers
anime news
Angelina Jolie Pregnancy Shocker
Uncensored Sailor Moon Hentai
Crystal Pepsi
Crystal Pepsi
Crystal Pepsi
Mountain Dew Doritos
New Jones Soda Flavors
Orange Soda
Kenan & Kel to Return to Nick!
Hannah Montana Cancelled?!
Bob Hope Still Dead
Who is Iron Man?
lolcat images


kristiane said...

Crystal Pepsi
Crystal Pepsi
Crystal Pepsi
Crystal Pepsi

Anonymous said...

Dude, just wanted you to know I am an avid reader. I'll comment more. I just get caught up in the moment.

DC said...

Haha...nice list! I'm sure someone will come across here through a search now. :)