Saturday, May 10, 2008

Soundtracks For Summer: Under The Boardwalk

Part 2 in my "Soundtracks For Summer" Series.

Continuing my new series of songs that define "Summer," we come to one of my all-time favorites: The Drifter's 1964 song "Under The Boardwalk"

A lot of "summer" songs seem to be from the 60s. With the Hippie movement in the mid-late 60s, the earlier half of the decade focused on "Good Clean Beach Fun" which spawned several songs that made Summer just more awesome than it already was.

The song itself is great. I'm not a beach person (The Sun & I are mortal enemies), but everytime I hear it, I envision myself laying on a blanket on a perfect sunny day with a great girl next to me and drinking a nice, cold Corona. My love for this song was cemented during the ol' days when I used to work at a KB Toys. You see, KB has one of the most annoying mix-CDs in the history of Retail Mix-CDs. It's mostly kid's songs (but not Kidz Bop songs...sometimes I wished it was Kidz Bop), as well as cheap songs that everyone's heard of that fit in that month/season on an endless loop. The summertime had my favorite (or least-loathed) Mix-CDs, and this was one of the several songs that I looked forward to hearing.

Known as one of the harder songs to sing due to the high moments like "Down by the SEEEEEEEEEEAAAYEAHHH," not to mention being universally famous, it's one of the funnier songs to hear amateurs massacre. Like this guy:

My apologies to this random Youtuber. I was looking for that clip from "The Singing Bee" or one of those shows when I stumbled upon this. It's the accent that just made me laugh. (Note to Embedded Youtuber: if you happened to be discovered due to said embedding, please credit me in some way, perferrably in royalties in Theoretical Dollars)

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