Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sept. 7th: Futurama Trivia Team Names

Over the past few months, I discovered something wonderful: There's a bar in Brooklyn that runs Simpsons Trivia once a month! I live right near there! Like, an hour away! And I'd kick ass at it! But a few things stop me.

One: Time. Well, not for me. Since I'm still unemployed, I got all the time in the world. I wouldn't do this trivia night without my best friend Steve, who is just as big of a Simpsons nerd as I am. He's got a day job, and gets to sleep when the clock still says "pm."

Two: Money. Traveling from here to Brooklyn takes gas. Lots of it.

Three: General Anxieties. I hate my mental illnesses.

As soon as the above three problems are solved, I'll make it out there and indeed kick some major ass.

But besides all that, I recently learned that there's going to be Futurama Trivia Night, too! Which I'd also kick ass at! But it's in Toronto, where the original Simpsons Trivia Game takes place. But when it moves to New York, you'll see me there, too.

Now, the general theme for any trivia night participant is teams. And every team needs a great team name. When reading the blog for the Simpsons Trivia game, you can tell who the really geeky teams are just from the obscurity of their names.

My favorites being Chugalug House, People Who Look Like Things, The Christ Punchers, Works on Contingency? No, Money Down!, and Melvin & The Squirrels. Don't get the significance of any of those names? Well, then you won't make it that far here. Also, I'm saddened that they beat me to those names.

But back to Futurama. If anyone would like to name their geeky Futurama Trivia Team, I have a few ideas for you:

Wuthering Gattaca
Brannigan's Law
The Mongooses. The Fighting Mongooses
It's That Guy You Are!
Citizen Snips
Beige Alert
Fry's Lower Horn
Molten Boron
The Nasty in The Pasty
Less Than Hero
You All Still Have Zoidberg!
An Afghan Made From An Afghan
Windmills Do Not Work That Way
The Feast of 1,000 Hams
Beta Romeo
Ham Gum
The Space Pope
Let Me Worry About Blank
Caffeinated Bacon
Archduke Chocula
Bureaucrat Conrad
Dwight Lightning
Outer Space Potato Men
Bubblegum Tate
Farnsworth Parabox
Robot Party Week
The Radiator Woman from The Radiator Planet
Death By Snu-Snu
Daddy's Little Grandpa
Dr. Perceptron
Robot Nixon
Donovan Parker & Posey
Cylon & Garfunkel
We're Whalers on The Moon
Built Like a Steakhouse, Handles Like a Bistro
Kappa Kappa Wong
Hannukah Zombie
Quantum Leek
All My Circuits
Hot Diggity Daffodil!
The Clamps!
The Lost City of Atlanta
Robot House
Turanga Leela
Clown Fundamentals
Scooty Puff, Jr.
Hi, Animatronio!
Pi-th Ave.
Waling Fungus
There's No Such Thing as Two
Addition Never Solved Anything!
But We Need Brain For Smart Making!
What Tastes Like Purple?
The Society of Madfellows
Action Delivery Force
O'Zorgnax's Pub
St. Rodman's Day
Heart Full of Neutrality
Hawking Hole
10th Level Vice President
Fancy Men of Cornwood

By the way, they're all taken. Just kidding, but it's totally something that Bender would do.

Sure, this is pretty much a rerun of my Futurama Band Names post from a few years back with a few new names, but they work here just as well. If you got any suggestions to add, feel free to put em in the comments!


EJ said...

You should add "Kiss Me, I'm Fry-ish" :)!

Anonymous said...

Sunset Squad