Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sept. 21st: Glee & Sesame Street

Ah, Sesame Street. After 42 years, you'd think the people over at the Muppets Television Workshop or whatever they're calling themselves these days would've run out of ways to educate the young'ins while parodying pop culture at the same time.

Just a few minutes ago, I was shown this great child-friendly parody of Glee that doubles as a lesson of the various sounds the letter "G" makes.

And it was only 20% as flamboyant as the actual show to boot.

All the characters' personalities were really spot-on, from Mr. Shue, to Sue being a bitch, to Lea Michele being a bigger bitch. And there's a Muppet version of Kurt, too. Doesn't that make him, like, the third openly gay Muppet in existence? He seems to happily share this honor with Placido Flamingo and Sam The Eagle. Yeah, I was shocked when I found that out, too. Fucking hypocrite.

While I thought this was another reminder that the Sesame Street crew still has that magic touch after all these years, I only see one missed opportunity.

You guys know what else starts with the letter G? GROVER. Even though this bit didn't need him, Grover should've been involved somehow, either in the background (being mentioned as something that started with G, or at least one of the Glee club members.) For shame guys, for shame.

On another note, the Muppet playing Mr. Shue seems to be from the same kind of Everything Muppet as Guy Smiley.

Perhaps with their penchant for random breaks into song and choice of clothing when doing such, could they be cut from the same cloth?

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