Monday, September 26, 2011

Sept. 26th: The Tommy Wi-Show

Tommy Wiseau, not satisfied with simply creating his magnum opus The Room, has recently dove into the exciting world of Internet Video Reviewing. Gentlemen, BEHOLD: The Tommy Wi-Show!

Like The Room itself, Tommy's bewildered attempt at playing Mortal Kombat is ridiculous, horribly written, and unintentionally hilarious. The humor, or whatever you define as "humor" in this situation, mostly comes from Tommy's acting that not only reeks of ham, but of ham that's the size of those hams you see in cartoons.

Or, for a less puntastic example, the ham from last week's episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia:

That's good Rum Ham

Combine that with his tenuous grasp at playing a video game (not surprised in the least that he cherry taps), and a plot that's eerily reminiscent of MST3K (an alien called...Alien kidnaps him to play video games). Filter all of that between a budget that makes the production look like Avatar compared to The Room, and his Ukranian/Eastern European/Koozebanian accent, and you have this show in a nutshell.

It's a bit hard to sit through, but I'll admit that I want to see where this goes. You usually see video game reviewers tackle the worst that the gaming industry can throw at them, but Tommy is different. If he sucks that horribly at playing Mortal Kombat (one of the good ones, even), I'd like to see him take on good, classic games.

How can Grand Theft Auto tear him apart? How many mysognistic jokes can he make per minute with a Madden game? Would he skip the rings in Sonic The Hedgehog? Is Tommy the kind of guy who would keep dying at the Goomba at the beginning of Super Mario Bros?

You know what? Katamari Damacy seems more his speed. The game makes just as much sense as he does, and he probably has lots of experience rolling over things.

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