Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Futurama Band Names

It's 2:30 in the morning and I've been thinking about bands that have been named after Simpsons references. This lead me to to think up of good band names from references from the awesome show Futurama. Here now is a good list off the top of my head:

Brannigan's Law
Citizen Snips (There's actually a band called that)
Beige Alert
Fry's Lower Horn
Molten Boron
The Nasty in The Pasty
Less Than Hero
You All Still Have Zoidberg!
An Afghan Made From An Afghan
Windmills Do Not Work That Way
The Feast of 1,000 Hams
Beta Romeo
Ham Gum
The Space Pope
Let Me Worry About Blank
Caffeinated Bacon
Archduke Chocula
Bureaucrat Conrad
Dwight Lightning
Bubblegum Tate
Farnsworth Parabox
Robot Party Week
The Radiator Woman from The Radiator Planet
Death By Snu-Snu
Daddy's Little Grandpa
Dr. Perceptron
Robot Nixon
Donovan Parker & Posey
Whales on The Moon
Built Like a Steakhouse, Handles Like a Bistro
Kappa Kappa Wong
Hannukah Zombie
Quantum Leek
All My Circuits
Hot Diggity Daffodil
The Clamps
The Lost City of Atlanta
Robot House
Turanga Leela
Clown Fundamentals
Scooty Puff, Jr.
Waling Fungus
There's No Such Thing as Two

I wonder who else can identify exactly where all of the respective references come from. They are ALL real references from Futurama. And like bands named after Simpsons references, some are definitely more obscure than others.

Any good ideas I miss? Post them in the comments!


Galileo said...

I got a few more:

O'Zorgnax's Pub
St. Rodman's Day
Heart Full of Neutrality
Hawking Hole
10th Level Vice President

Berdo said...

Here's one for ya: "Tastes Like Slurm"