Friday, September 30, 2011

Sept. 30th: The End of Blog-A-Day

We knew this day would come, fellow three readers. Tonight marks the end of Blog-A-Day, my project of a new entry every day. From this point on, it's back to updating Whenever The Hell I Feel Like It.

But don't cry, stock image of a sad cat. If I must say so, I think this was a success. It's the first time I've continuously blogged for TWO straight months, minus that one day when Hurricane Irene knocked out my power & internet.

In those two months, I shared some of my innermost feelings, topics that I've been wanting to write down for some time, some funny videos, and of course, random pictures of Gary Busey and Jonathan Winters. I hope you all enjoyed it, too. Sure, most days when I had no ideas, I posted a random picture, but it was content all the same.

I hope to post more in October and beyond, but until then, stay gold!

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1 comment:

Evelyn said...

aw!! now how will I catch up on gossip?!?!