Sunday, February 28, 2010

Two Years!

Woo! Beaming For Bunnies turns Two years old today!

It's been a hell of a year! I've had a blast writing what little entries got out of the gate this year! Here's a link to the entry for the first Birthday. It turns out that the official birthday of the blog was YESTERDAY. Whoops. Well, that's leprosy for you.

...Yeah, about Simpsons Month? I got a bit careless and lazy. It doesn't mean that Simpsons Month has to stop tonight, no sir! It's going to go on for as long as possible, until I get those entries up! Simpsons Trimester? Simpsons Year? Simpsons DECADE?! I don't really care, I just love it that much.

I promise this year will be filled with awesomeness! You just gotta give me time and chutzpah to actually sit down and write these things.

Until then, enjoy some Two-based imagery!

1 comment:

Berdo said...

What?? No images of someone taking a dump??