Friday, August 20, 2010

Stuff on My Phone, Part 2

It's been a hell of a week, folks. My internet ended up dying over the weekend, and after a straight week of fighting with a new modem/router, it seems to be up and running for the most part.

I went to see The Daily show in Person (AWESOME). I went to go see Scott Pilgrim vs The World (EVEN MORE AWESOME. I also neglected to mention on here that I read the entire graphic novel series in a weekend and gushed about it everywhere else on the internet), AND saw Rifftrax Live: Reefer Madness (also incredibly awesome! Hilarious!)

But most of all, I got my writing chutzpah back! But now I have writer's block. That's just my luck. But fret not, my faithful readers, I got an entry for you tonight! Yes, many months ago I finally got a new cellphone, an LG Dare, and along with it, a memory card for all the awesome pics I got from it. Yes, that means all the burgers for my Summer Burger Challenge. BTW, the burgers on the initial list is COMPLETE. Yes, now all I gotta do is finish the sidequests, and you'll get that entry!

After the first entry of stuff on my phone posted...well over a year ago, and seeing Matt over at X-E clean out his inbox, it seems that it's about high time to show y'all some of the weird stuff that I found significant enough to capture on a 3.2 megapixel cell phone camera for all of eternity.

Snapped this one in Times Square just this past Monday. Its a gigantic billboard. Over the now-defunct ESPN Zone. Advertising Vitamin Water. WITH GARY BUSEY'S FACE PLASTERED ON IT FOR NO GOOD REASON. His giant teeth alone would make anyone stop dead in their tracks on the busiest crosswalk on the face of the Earth.

If you're wondering what that billboard reads, the first line (the one that matters) says "DO I GET RESULTS?" The line under it reads "DO I OWN A BILLBOARD IN TIMES SQUARE?"

Speaking of Manhattan, here's an unrelated shot of the Naked Cowboy's ass. I literally ran into him before this picture was taken. Fortunately, from the front.


This was taken on Christmas Day. No, it wasn't under my tree, but this was under the tree at the house of a friend of my mom's. Mom's Friend's Brother (or MFB for short) was known as a guy who only used Irish Spring Soap so obsessively that someone wrapped a bow onto a whole box of it for a Christmas gift. He told me himself that it was the only thing he wanted this year.

Speaking of Christmas, here's one of the title cards that played before the Rifftrax Live: Christmas Shortacular event back in December. The event as a whole was completely hysterical, and there were plenty of other great title cards like "Just Kidding, we're showing you the Star Wars Holiday Special Instead!" and "Movie Mistakes: Renee Zellweger is Frequently Cast as an Attractive Person."

And speaking of Rifftrax, our final picture for tonight was taken just last night at the Reefer Madness event. It was the only one I was able to capture, as there tons of better ones like "Thanks to a Facebook Campaign, Betty White is cast in the Megan Fox Role in Transformers 3", "Movie Quotes: 'Release the Kraken!' Liam Neeson, Shindlers List (First Draft)", "(SLIDE ONE) JUST A TEST: LeBron James" "(SLIDE 2) SORRY FOR THAT, WE WANTED TO SEE IF WE CAN GET THE CLEVELAND THEATER TO BOO AT THE SCREEN", and my favorite "Movie Mistakes: The Last Airbender."

That's all for this round, folks! Any of you got interesting crap on your phones?


Anonymous said...

Yes, saw the Reefer Madness Rifftrax live as well. Really loved the things running at the beginning. Had the misfortune of seeing The Last Airbender movie, and hoping that the jokes about it will manifest in them ripping up that film.

Jason said...

I'm looking forward to your burger review.
And why don't they just post a Vitamin Water billboard on one of Gary Busey's teeth?