Friday, August 13, 2010

Soundtracks For Summer: Paradise City

Part 19 in my ongoing "Soundtracks For Summer" series

I haven't done an actual blog entry in a while, and since today is one of those great days for horny teenagers to have sex at an old, abandoned summer camp, how about another post in my series about songs that define "summer?"

Today we focus on the Guns 'n' Roses classic "Paradise City." It's a pretty damn good thing that this song was recorded during the original lineup's heyday, I can't imagine anyone else besides Slash wailing away at the guitar or sporting his awesome top hat. And thanks to his custom skintight pants, no one will ever reach Axl Rose's ear-shattering pitch ever again.

What this song does most for summer is give an anthem to the down-and-dirty party cities like Atlantic City, Miami, and PC Beach. There's booze everywhere, there are no laws, and all the women are pretty. Then someone calls someone's mom and all hell breaks loose and that's it for Spring Break. Thanks a bunch, Scott.

In previous entries, I talked about songs that defined the road trip itself as the best part of the vacation, like Holiday Road, Wanderlust King, and The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota. A song like this, however, is about the destination itself. The REASON why you're taking the road trip in the first place. Really, with the amount of talking I do about the awesomeness of road trips, it seems that only part that sucks about it is the long ride home. And Scott. God, how I hate Scott.

BTW, I'm also taking reader submissions for future "Soundtracks For Summer" entries. If you've got an idea, pop me an email at OR comment on this entry OR at the Facebook Fan Page OR at my Twitter with the name of the song, and a reason or two why it defines "Summer" for you. You'll be glad you did.

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